Annoying idiots on skateboards ....

Ok, today i got up and thought i would take a ride down by the skate park.
some 8 year old wannabe punks start following me across town calling me names, but i finnaly lost them crossing main street… then i started working on basic skills, practicing wheel walking, ect…
three more idiots drove by with big thumbs up, two little kids started the standard"look mommy a unicycle!!!" ,a few people on BMX bikes were wishing they could"ride a bike like that" …
then an idiot on a skateboard went by"get off the road, clown!!"
then i got mad and went home…

What do you people do about annoying people? :angry:


fortunatly i displayed an unusual amount of self control compared to the past…

that last encounter might not have ended well

yea no worries bro that stuff has happen to me all the time, thats why i where head phones with the music so loud i can’t hear what people say.

If it makes you feel better, one time when riding i fell victim of a drive-by paintball shooting. they must have gotten about 10 shots on me.

Shake it off don’t let em tear you down.

skaters act like that because they are constantly being hassled by older people and cops. as soon as they see someone who doesn’t seem to fit into whats “normal” they pick on them… and some are just a**holes.
don’t let it get to you.

Wave and smile.




Just think of this one saying, “jealousy will get you no where.” This is what I think of any time that some one is like that to me.
or on the other hand you could just keep a small stick with you and toss it in front of the skaters! From experience it will get them off of their boards.:wink:

usually the skaters that hassle you are the posers, just trying to look cool by putting down anything that’s not skating.

memorise the number plate and get them arrested

I agree with that.


I skate alot, and skatings not like that.

we eat people we don’t like, we don’t do any of that stupid clown stuff…


You’re syaing there are no poser skaters out there? Maybe not in the group you skate with, but they certainly exist.

We always found that it was the posers that gave trouble, the good skaters seemed to appreciate the difficulty of what we were trying to do.

oh, there are difnantly posers out there, they are really annoying. they don’t appreciate anything you do except if its something “groundbreaking”

Pedal-grab their face.

actually tireing their face usually works better for me…

harass them back. be weird and if you confuse them by what you say not making a lot of sense they usually just stand their with a dumb look on their face

Usally I ingnore them or if I know they dislike gay people I tell them I love them just to mess with them… or make a sarcastic remark back or just say “go **** OFF ****** eat my **** you little ******”… mostly just ignore though…

I laugh directly at them.

Yeah, the skate posers are generally so paranoid about their own inadequacies that they’ll take any opportunity to focus attention on something else. Most of the skilled and dedicated skaters at my local skatepark (where unis and bikes are banned) are intrigued when I skate there with my old-school boards and (very limited) skills, but there are also the occasional jerks, too, who usually spend all their time trying to land some trick that’s beyond their skill and never seemingly having any fun by actually skating.

I try to ignore the jerks when uni-ing, and be as friendly as possible to those who show interest in the uni.

Just know that what you do is WAY COOLER than anything those people do, and even if its not true, you wouldnt know if they could do something cooler anyways. but if you can just be happy when you are praised or whatever, and just remember that you are way cool for unicycling…:slight_smile:

Back up plan

everyone get called names on uni
its too different for the insecure ones not to take a cheap stab
just give em the finger, or as mentioned above, laugh maniacally at them

carry a nerf gun at all times!

skaters around here think that they own the dumb park and they tell me to get the _____ otta there