Announcing the Return of the Moab Munifest!

Leaning towards attending

even though I’m a beginner. Do you think MuniFest is a good place to maybe buy a used muni?

Even if you don’t find one to buy, you will probably be able to ride some different ones and see how you like them, and help decide which one you want to buy. Considering how close you are, I think that alone would be motive enough for me to go.

I can go either way BLM or campground, I am more interested in being central or as close as possible to the rides or would it be best for me to bring a car along for transport

The main drag is only half a mile long, so as long as you’re able to make friends you should be able to get a ride to the trailhead.

The Slickrock Campground used to be the festival central location; it and a couple of other campgrounds with RV hookups are on the north side of town, riding distance to town central.

Probably the best BLM option would be in the Sand Flats Recreation Area where the Slickrock Trail is. There’s also primitive camping along Kane Creek Road on the way to Amasa Back (Sunday’s ride).

flight from France and hotel booked :slight_smile: … now rent a Muni :stuck_out_tongue:
(5 years ago it was easy to travel with an additional Muni luggage … this is not true anymore :o …)

Getting psyched!

This will be my first Manifest in Moab and I am psyched!! I’m planning on driving out after work on Thursday and camping up on sand flats. Couple of questions…anyone interested in a 36er ride somewhere. …maybe on friday? Also…any other riders from the front range? Mike…couldn’t you find a sub for ski patrol?? Come on, now, this is manifest and I looking forward to riding with you again!

Preparing for Moab, I had a great training ride today.
34 days til Moab

Porcupine Rim! Drool.

Sounds like we riders need to organize our shuttle. Or ride with Jamey and whoever else wants to do it the hard way. :slight_smile: I’m for a shuttle, especially if there is more riding the following day! I’m happy to ride the trail Saturday or Sunday, whenever there’s a group doing it. Or just Aspen Mike if necessary (hope I can keep up).

Jacquie is also coming, and is a possible shuttle driver. Our plans are still unformed. She might like to hike along at Slickrock if we do PR on Sunday…

Wobbling Bear, it will be great to see you again in Moab! Daytripper, we’ll probably be at a hotel in town, and likely able to give you a ride to the trailhead(s) if you’re in town as well. If you stay out at one of the trail areas, you may be able to join up with some fellow campers there.

I am also looking forward to the Porcupine Rim ride and would like to be included in the shuttle group. I will have a rental car but it will probably be on the small side.

Reservations have been made at Moab Valley Rv Resort
32 more days

30 more days

I am definitely in for Porcupine Rim. I rode it a last year with the shuttle and it is definitely a fun ride. is anyone interested in riding the Amasa Back/Capt Ahab loop? It is on my moab shortlist for sure.

That’s the Sunday ride.

Finally! Airfare booked. Jacquie wants to rent a bike, and ride some easy stuff. Did you know you can now fly Delta (Skywest) directly to Moab? Yes it costs more, but it’s not a bad trade for the 4.5 hour drive (plus gas).

If people are organizing a Porcupine shuttle I’d still love to join, long as it works for the both of us. We’ll have a car, but just regular sized. I drove a shuttle vehicle the first time (2003) so I’m not volunteering to drive one myself. :slight_smile: It doesn’t sound like any organizing has happened on that, other than a question of whether we would ride it Saturday or Sunday. I’m okay with either, and I’m not averse to riding the Slickrock Trail on Saturday either, though we will arrive early enough on Friday to do a shorter ride then.

This will be my first time attending this (or any similar, for that matter) event, but I’ll be driving a Yukon XL, which seats 7, and has a lot of extra space besides. I’d be happy to help shuttle riders around. I’ll bring my bike carrier also, it will carry 6 unicycles pretty well (if that’s useful).

I’ll have a mini-van that will seat 7 and some gear. I’m down to drive one end of the shuttle.

the airfare is ok but the problem is that car rental at Moab airport is very expensive … so I finally booked a car in Salt Lake City.
My significant other will be there and will also rent a bike.
As for porcupine rim I am interested to ride the shortcut (not the full length) So I am interested in any shuttle organisation (leaving my car where the shortcut ends and getting any shuttle to the top…)
ah yes: I took an option to rent the Muni at chili pepper rentals … :o (since I can’t carry my Muni all along from France, then to California and back)

Wobbling Bear, I’d be interested in the Porcupine Rim Short ride. Maybe we can set something up. When do you want to ride the Rim? I was thinking of doing the Slickrock practice loop (and maybe some of the trail) on Friday, and then riding Porcupine Rim on Saturday. I have a 7 passenger mini-van, but I have 5 riders and Munis in it already. I think we could squeeze more than 7 in for a short bit…

Just for information, if you haven’t been to the main Munifest site for a while (I hadn’t since registering), there’s a posted itinerary available. Here:
Some items are still TBD, but it’s helpful for planning. I’m pretty sure details will get added in the next couple weeks.

I’m pretty sure the short ride starting point is along the way to the extended-ride start. Being dropped off early at the short start would give you plenty of time to make some distance before being caught up by the faster riders on the long course.

It’s a long shuttle drive to the other end of the trail, but one can also ride in from that end to “meet” the other riders, or just go at your own pace.