Announcing the Return of the Moab Munifest!

I also vote for Porcupine Rim.

will there be then a “grupetto for laggards” ?
(Porcupine is splendid but I still fear not being able to do it in a reasonnable time span)

Porcupine rim trail is a must for the big day. Slick rock is soo over played, try Bartlet Wash! A way better trail in my opinion.

Hey all, thanks for the input.

I agree that Slickrock doesn’t have everything everyone wants, but I chose it since it’s a great option for a wider spectrum of riders, especially intermediates (like you, Wobbling Bear). And lets be honest, Slickrock is an epic trail even if it’s “been done before.”

That being said, I think we’re going to add an optional Saturday ride for those who are less excited about Slickrock and are willing to work out shuttling themselves. So, John, Tom and others, there you go. How does an advanced-expert ride for a smaller, self-coordinated group on Porcupine Rim sound? I’ll let you guys work out the details.


PS if this year’s Munifest goes as well as we’re all hoping, then we’ll definitely be incorporating trails other than Slickrock into future years, e.g. Bartlett Wash.

Party on!

We’ll be there Friday afternoon as well, so maybe we could ride Slick Rock then. It used to be epic I agree, but I’d like Porcupine Rim more for Saturday, especially if we can do a shuttle up higher than we used to. Small group is fine.

I can make Sunday, would love to ride the whole PR then… I’ll stay tuned

Mike, do whatever it takes. Come for the whole weekend!! This is mountain unicycling we’re talkin about here!!

I am now planning on coming and would love to do porcupine rim with everyone else that is doing it. Although this time I want to do the full loop with no shuttle. So I would leave early in the morning and meet the shuttle people up at the top. Anyone else can join me if you want.

Been there, done that, big day in the saddle. Almost 4k climbing, 20 miles to top. I started at Hwy 128 where PR ends, rode CC. Bring minimum 100 oz bladder, hope for cool weather and a slow shuttle to meet peeps on top. I would be up for it on Sunday, cannot do it on Saturday, have to Ski Patrol.

Mike, what’s CC?

sorry, counter clockwise

Wow, you rode up the whole trail and then back down!

CC means he rode up the dirt road to the start of the trail head for porcupine rim and then rode down. Yes, it’s a long day but ever since I heard about Mike doing it, it’s been on my to-do list ever since. You are an inspiration Mike and I believe you are the only person to do the full loop with no shuttle?!

Would love to do it with you Mike if you are up for it again…any chance you can try and get Saturday off as I’d love to meet up with the other guys when they are riding it then…

Camping option… Up The Creek


There’s a nice tent-only little campground just a couple of blocks off Main Street and right in the middle of town. It’s somewhat unusual in that they don’t have any RV sites (read: no generator noise & fumes :astonished: ), and you park your car in their parking lot, and haul your gear in to your site by wagon/cart.

I stayed there last Fall when I went to Moab to ride muni at Outerbike and I liked it a lot. It’s situated next to the creek and has ample shade from mature cottonwood trees. The grounds are nicely landscaped, the bathrooms were clean, there was plenty of hot water, the staff was really nice, and all the campers were friendly and considerate. Almost forgot: The prices are reasonable for Moab, and the amenities (i.e., shade) and convenience (2 blocks from the center of town) are superb for the price. ($32/night for 2; $45/night for 4)

The campground is called “Up the Creek” and you can view pictures and get more details at

I call the owner (Tonya @ 435-260-1888) today and made my reservation. I mentioned what was bringing me back to Moab, and she seemed pretty excited. (She remembered reading about the last Moab Munifest on the front page of the local paper.) I mentioned this forum and asked it was okay if I made pitch for “Up The Creek” for other Munifest campers, and she said “sure!” :stuck_out_tongue:

As of today they had several sites left for Munifest weekend (the nights of March 20, 21, and 22), but they will fill up fast as we move into February. She said she would try and group us together if other folks mentioned that they were coming for the “mountain unicycle festival.”

So there you have it, my shameless “pitch” for “Up The Creek.” (Shameless because I didn’t ask for a deal in exchange for free advertising! :D)

See you in Moab, and maybe Up The Creek! :wink:

-UPD in Utah

I am thinking about driving out, Is there a place close by for a 40ft motorhome?

There are a few RV-oriented campgrounds in/near town, or you can stay on BLM land, though that tends to not have hookups.

newbie question

I’m new to unicycles, just got one last month and am slowly getting the hang of it. I’m having fun learning, but have a long way to go. I can’t free mount yet. Here’s my quandary… I only live 4 hours from Moab, so getting there is not a problem. I don’t own a muni yet. Will I have a good experience at MuniFest? Should I keep practicing and plan for next year? I know I’d have fun with everyone, but afraid I’m too much of a beginner to participate much.

You should go. These events are fun even if you end up walking a lot. Meeting other unicyclists helps you feel connected to the sport and is great motivation to get better. You won’t regret it.

My first unicycle event was the Calif Muni Weekend back in '97. I could barely freemount and couldn’t ride all that well. I brought my uni but also a bike. For the longer rides I rode my bike. I could ride with the best riders that way and see first hand exactly what I need to learn. It was an awesome experience deciding to go, even though I was a total beginner, was one of the best things I’ve done.