Announcing the Return of the Moab Munifest!

Yes Jon, that was a great post you made. Thanks for clearing everything up and see you in Moab!

I already asked on FB, but also here:
is it worth to fly over from europe for the festival? i really would like to ride in moab…

is there a possibility to stay for ten days for cheap? i’d like to ride there also before or after the festival…

but i’m really not sure to travel that far “just” for riding muni :slight_smile:

It’s an amazing part of the U.S., totally worth spending extra time in. The hostel in town is cheap, $10/day for the dorms, $26/day for a private room. Camping is also cheap.

There are two spectacular national parks (Arches and Canyonlands) nearby, for non-MUni activities. It’s also a road trip from the Grand Canyon and several other amazing parks.

Thanks Jon for the clarifications on cost!

If you want to ride in Moab, the Moab Munifest is the best time to go.

The cost to stay there can be inexpensive, as there is camping, small cabins, hostels, and rental apartments for many different sizes of groups (those going from my club will probably get these).

Awww yeah! Looking forward to getting owned on these supposedly godlike trails. Still need to figure out all of the logistics (plane ticket, car travel, place to camp, uni to borrow, etc.), but it sounds like an awesome time. I’m in!

Here’s a dumb question: how are we supposed to sign up for the email newsletter? I can’t figure that out.

So cool that it’s back! I hope to go sometime, unfortunately I can’t afford to travel that far this year. I’ll look forward to all the great photos and videos :slight_smile:

Kathy and I just registered! I’m really excited to see you all again–especially in Moab!. We live in Park City now, just over the mountain from Salt Lake City.

We have some nieces out for skiing that same week. They leave on Thursday morning, so we’ll probably drive down to Moab on Thursday afternoon. See you all there!

We watched Dan Heaton’s Revolution 1 video last night. Wow, we were younger then! I remember riding with Dan when he was about 12–and I was about 40. I think it was the Unicycle Uniques. We met in a park under a metal canopy in the rain. When the rain stopped, we went for a ride around the neighborhood, but Dan had already broken a crank, doing tricks. He had to ride one-footed for the mile or so. I was impressed!

David Maxfield

I hope to go: I have registered (at least virtually).
I still have a small problem: I am a resident of France , but works part time in the U.S. So I have a (cheap) Muni in California … But then coming to Moab from California I can’t take this Muni with me because afterwards I am flying back to France …
Is there a “rent a Muni” service in Moab? :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe someone driving back to Cali can bring your uni back with them.

Where in California? I’m in L.A., and have been thinking about driving up for the event. I’m still a newb, so I’ll probably spend most of the time riding easy trails and watching others do the hard stuff.
Now that I think about it, anybody from L.A. area interested in carpooling? I’d be driving a Yukon XL, with room for people, gear, and unis.

Hmm possibly! I’m in Santa Barbara and I had been toying with the idea of driving up too. If I went though, I’d probably add a few days before and after the event, turn it into a vacation for myself, get the most bang for my buck, since I don’t have much.

Actually, Chile Pepper Cycles in Moab has one unicycle available for rent. I used it when I arrived in town a couple years ago and noticed my frame was cracked when I was putting the uni together. They charged me $10.

Rental Unicycle

A group of us rented the unicycle at Chile Pepper bike shop last fall. It’s a 26" muni. I forget the brand. My friend and I are heading down and he has a spare 24" nimbus muni that I’m sure you could borrow if you want.

It’s a super old-school custom job; Profile hub, 170mm cranks, Kenda 26x2.5 tire. It’s fine but not what you’d put together today.

Bay area.

My plans are changing all the time because my professionnal meetings are changing. It is now possible that I may flew directly from France and then to SF for work (last time I went to Moab I suffered too much from jet lag so I will probably come on vacation one week earlier and visit the national parks in Utah)
When things are settled I will repost here.
Thanks to all who responded.

Is there any info yet on which trails will be which days? People are starting to make transportation arrangements, and there can be a big difference in when you need to arrive or leave based on which rides are when.

Hi Tom,

I’ve been getting some questions about the trail schedule. There will be an update over at by the end of the week with an intinerary for the event, including the most important part, the rides.

The BLM has accepted our permit request and has sent the following list of accepted trails:

Bar M and Klondike Bluffs Mountain Bike Focus Areas
Lower Porcupine Singletrack (LPS)
Porcupine Rim
Captain Ahab
Amasa Back/Pothole/ Rockstacker
Jackson trail
Kane Creek Road
Gemini Bridges Road
Magnificent Seven trails (Bull Run, Arth’s, Little Canyon, Gold Bar, Great Escape, Seven Up)

The current plan is to have the main group ride on Saturday on the Slickrock trail. We’ve been leaning towards Slickrock ever since the inception of Munifest 2.0, since it’s such a classic. We’re still sorting out which rides to recommend for Sunday (currently leaning towards Amasa Back or Captain Ahab) and will have some other options for beginners for Saturday, but that’s the “word on the street version.” Remember, more info by the end of this week.

Happy riding, everyone!


Also, the only planned ride for Friday will be the Slickrock Practice Loop. Those with the legs to do it are welcome to choose longer rides for Friday, but since many people will be arriving Friday afternoon and evening, we wanted to have a shorter, more casual option that will allow first-timers and newer riders a chance to test out their skills before committing to an “official” group ride on Saturday or Sunday.

For what it’s worth, I’d like to campaign for Porcupine Rim. I’ve only been on it once, and Amasa Back several times. I thought Porcupine was a spectacular ride, with spectacular views. The shuttle adds complication, but if that can be worked out I highly recommend it.

What do other participants think?

I’m probably doing Porcupine whether it’s on the official ride schedule or not.