Announcing The Essential Guide to Mountain and Trials Unicycling e-book

Hey All,

A year after the print book release, I’m happy to announce the release of The Essential Guide to Mountain and Trials Unicycling as an e-book.

The book is available for purchase at
It can also be available as an an affiliate link anywhere unicycles are sold online.

The cost is $12 and you receive 3 versions: epub, mobi, and pdf. The epub and mobi versions are entirely re-designed as e-books, and the pdf version is similar in layout to the print version.

All are DRM-free. This book was a ton of work and required major investment to make it possible, so please don’t share or obtain pirated copies =)

Until May 9 you’ll receive $3 off the book purchase if you type “MUNI” or “TRIALS” as the coupon code on purchase.

Thanks to Carl Hoyer for designing the very seamless e-book shopping/download cart at

Hope you like it!


Very cool!
Already bought the hard copy, but had to buy this for convenience.


By the way, with the coupon code and exchange rate, I got charged $8.75. At that price I feel guilty!
I guess I’ll have to buy another KH uni to make up for it. :wink:

Are you considering launching it in the Amazon Kindle store? It would make it easier to find and much more transparent to purchase for those of us that are lazy. :wink: Even if it’s not as awesome as a DRM free copy.

Looks interesting; nice website. scrolls

For the first while I’ll plan to offer it through because the site has more info about the book, including the softcover option. Over the longer term I can see that offering it through mainstream channels would be good.

Awesome! I’ve been waiting to get this to bundle it a larger shipment from UDC but I’m stoked it’s available in electronic format. I see some familiar faces. Looks great! Thanks!

Cool. Personally my favourite is still the print book in glossy colour, but I hope that the e-version will get wider distribution outside our sport as well.

Bought the e-version to go along with my dead-tree copy.

Nice conversion job. The Kindle version works well on my Tablet and on my PC and the PDF is a good copy of the printed book.

That’s the way I like it :slight_smile:

Yeah! I’ve been hoping this would happen.

I’m late to the game…I didn’t know about this book. So I just picked up the hardcopy from UDC.

i got a physical book and a ecopy

Just rocking the hard copy, i don’t have any devices that display ebooks, but it is lovely to see diversity. I wish the book was available in book stores. I would imagine a lot of people would purchase it out of curiosity for the sport.