Announcing the 2014 KH Factory Team

Hey All,

I’m happy to announce the 2014 KH Factory Team! First – huge thanks to David Weichenberger who is retiring from the team after represented KHU for many years. David – you are impressive rider and all-around nice guy who continues to contribute hugely to our sport. Thank you.

And…welcome to Ryan Kremsater from Vancouver! Ryan is no stranger to hard freeriding having ridden on Vancouver’s North Shore since the age of 12. His film with Jacob Spera last year, Atlantis, is one of the most impressive muni videos out there.

Lastly, welcome back to all the returning riders. The 2014 team lineup is:
Ryan Kremsater (Canada)
Hugo Duguay (Canada)
Aidan Teleki (Hungary)
Kelly Hickman (USA)
Lutz Eicholz (Germany)
Max Schulze (USA)
Mike Padial (New Zealand)
Stephanie Dietze (Germany)

Rider profiles are here.


I have to try harder next year :smiley:

I wish there was more mountain unicyclists in Ireland…

Oh btw how do you go about for selecting riders to your team?

Good question. First, we only pick from riders that actually apply, because these are going to be the most motivated. Within that, I’m looking for riders that are known internationally, ride at a world class level, and who can also act as great ambassadors for KHU and for building the sport. It’s difficult to control and it changes from year to year, but I also try to spread out the team to include countries around the world, as much as I can.

Lastly, I should emphasize:
The KH team is only made possible through the help of co-sponsors who cover the logistical cost of getting equipment to riders. Currently these include UDC Canada, UDC USA, UDC New Zealand, UDC Hungary, Ajata, and Qu-Ax. Huge thanks for that support!


That’s a very strong lineup. I can’t wait to see what they do.

Congrats to the team members & many thanks to Kris & the sponsors for maintaining this group.