Announcing the 2012 KH Factory Team

Hey All,

I’m happy to announce the riders on the 2012 KH Team:
Adrien Delecroix
Stephanie Dietze
Lutz Eichholz
Kevin Kartchner
Adrien Lichtfouse
Michael Padial
Bence Pinczés
Max Schulze
Aidan Teleki
David Weichenberger

Congrats everyone! It’s a well-rounded team with huge riding skills and strong abilities to help grow our sport internationally. I think it’s going to be a great year.

I also want to send out thanks to the team co-sponsors:, CDK, Ajata, and Five Ten Shoes. These co-sponsors help make happen the support of a team that is spread around the world.

And also - thanks to the 2010 team riders who are retiring and moving onto different things: Pedro Tejada, Forrest Rackard, and Ben Sarten.

For KH Team Athlete Bios and links to athlete video and social network feeds, see this link:


BOOM! Kevin and Aidan, big up guys!! Chef Deluxe :wink:

Great choices Kris, really some awesome representatives.


12 days into the new year and i’ve loved every minute of working with Kris Holm Unicycles! Thanks Kris! Awesome team and expect big things for 2012 :slight_smile:

2012… this year is gonna be epic!

Good job everyone :smiley:

Sad to see Forrest leaving so soon, but this is really a solid team.

YEA MIKE! :smiley: Awesome dude! Sad to see Ben isn’t sponsored anymore though :slight_smile: What a great team!

Thanks Eli!! This year will be the best year so far!! Can’t wait to see what happens!! :slight_smile:

Does the men to women ratio seems a bit off?:wink:

Actually I’m really happy to finally have another female on the team. Stephanie is the first female rider on the KH team since 2008.

Shortly after I turned 40, I decided to learn the sport of Unicycling. Eleven months and 3 Unicycles later, I still look forward to riding everyday. Thanks Kris for all you’ve done to promote and develop this sport, and congratulations to all the talented riders on your 2012 team!


Though it’s been nearly 2 years and 4 unicycles.

Thanks Kris, Roger, etc.


I cant wait to see the cool things to come

Looks like a great team! Congrats to everyone, especially Kevin, Mike, and Aidan. :smiley:

So glad to be on the team, i am very grateful and this should help me to push the sport a little more :smiley:

Djifouze!!! sickest french unicyclist I know !


Stephanie is a beast at muni!! At Elsbet she out rode a lot of the riders, she is also very nice. She will be a great rider for Kris Holm and represent unicycling in a great way!

Great videos Mike! Your riding style makes difficult tricks look smooth and natural…


Congrats Steph! And of course Lutz and everybody else.