Announcing MMMM! As apposed to BMW (Midlands Mad Muni Meet)

Howdy all!

Edd and Leo bring you MMMM! The Midlands Mad Muni Meet!

Okay the Midlands Mad Muni Meet is basically a Muni weekend which entails riding in two primary muni locations in the Midlands (well chiltern hills area).

  1. Chicksands - trails and Northshore - Saturday
  2. Ashridge Forest - Trails, tracks an general rides - Sunday

All styles are welcome, experts to beginners, although it will mainly be Muni, there could also be natural trials included if anyone so desires.
MMMM is being organized instead of having a fully fledged BMW as some people consider a ride at chicksands not suitable to be called a “british”, perhaps their right, i dont know but hey!

This should hopefully be great Muni, north shore, and socialising event with a really chilled atmos with no competitions or whatnot. (however if u wanna race at chicksands theres nobody stopping ya!)

The two possible dates are the 22nd-23rd of sept or 29th-30th of sept, depending on whichever is most apropriate for the majority of riders.

There are youth hostels around the area so there should be plenty of places for people to stay, if anyone needs more info just post and i’ll find out more.

Alright who’s interested? please post your thoughts on this and if the date is ok, we can always move it to suit either.

We also made a video from a recent ride when visited chicksands, for anyone who hasn’t seen it the tread is here!

As for pictures and meeting places etc i will post in due coarse.

Leo and Edd

Guys, this sounds great and if I’m free I’ll be well up for it.

Sounds fun, I’ve never been over that way and I think I’m free that weekend so I’ll stick it up on my calendar.

Incidentally I’m most peeved you used the idea before I got round to it; I’ve been meaning to organise a Mostly Malvern Midlands Muni Meet (MMMMM!) for ages… :slight_smile:

Cool, of course you can still hold MMMMM. Clearly MMMM and MMMMM are two totaly different events :sunglasses: .

look forward to catching up with you guys, its been awhile.


Im sure to be in attendance! Its well worth the drive!
Either weekend is looking good for me too.


the second location (sun) is pretty close to me:) , I’m gona watch this thread

If ashridge is close to you, then so is chicksands, its only about 1/2 hour away!

Right, I think we have decided on the 22nd-23rd. Sorry if thats wrong Leo, but we need to get a date out there so people can arrange transport/accommodation ect!

Im reallly looking forward to this, should be a great weekend of chilling, riding and meeting great people! Both locations make for some excellent muni for beginners and more advanced riders.

Hope we have a good turn out!

Rock on!

If you do it now it could be the Mostly Malvern Monumentally Moist and Muddy Midlands Monsoon Muni Meet for Mariners.

Edd/Leo: I’d quite like some more practice on that northshore (even though I’m useless at it) and the four cross and slalom courses are excellent fun. I probably won’t be able to make it, but if I’m able to get away that weekend I’ll try to get over there.


ive never ridden northshore before.

i might have to dust of my Muni for this. I’ll look into transport down there

laters Dale

Chicksands has some great entry level stuff to get you in to north shore, it’s not all hairy gap jumps like in the video. I guess we should start thinking about who’s driving from where so the younger/carless riders can get lifts.

That was the first time any of us had ridden North shore! It had never appealed to me before, but once I had a taste I loved it! Can’t wait to get back up there!

I don’t mind giving some people a lift up there, Iv only got two places in the car though.

Rock on!

Quite the opposite, 99% of the trails on the hills are bone dry and dusty now. The only reminder of the rain now are a few fallen trees and some huge great ruts up to two feet deep in places where torrents of water have scoured the surface of the trail away.

I can ride about enjoying the sunshine while looking down at the Worcestershire Ocean all around… :slight_smile:

oh dear, guess I’ve got the wrong place on google maps

Yeah, there really is something for all abilities!

As for driving, Ill be coming down from Newcastle, down the A1M, M18 then M1 if thats any good to anyone…


I’ll probably be up for this too, might have a full car already but I’ll let you know if that changes.

Ooops… my brother has just reminded me that I have a rather important prior arrangement that weekend, sorry…

Maybe next time. (Next time… right?)

Yeah, there will almost definatly be a next time!
For those that can’t make it, don’t forget about the MK ride. There will be a day of Muni at either Ashridge or chicksand, I havent decided yet!


Rock on!

I’ll have to check my days off… I’ve got a feeling I’ll be working though. There aqre loads of weekends of fun stuff coing up that I’ve taken time off for so my days off are becoming pretty limited.

If I can make it though how close to sunny Macc will you be going on your way down Joe?

hey kitty,

Ill come as close as you want. I may be going down on the friday night, or I could make it to yours on the friday, then the rest of the way on the saturday morning? That is obv if your coming :slight_smile:


Sorry to sound harsh GK but if you never try anything slightly above your skill level you will never improve. I didn’t think I was going to be able to ride north shore, it looked really scary stuff in Universe and the like. When we got there I just got stuck in and had a go and found out it was tremendous fun!

No-one cares if you are a rubbish rider or not, as long as you are enjoying yourself then thats all that matters! :slight_smile: Thats what unicycling is about, having fun, not who is better than who, thats why we are making this a chilled out sociable weekend, no races, no pressure, just fun!

I hope to see you again sometime GK, be it at one of these or another ride!

EDIT: Just read Joes post down there / and its true, there are marker posts with easy on them.

Rock on!