Announcement: RSU FAQ wiki


I have made an attempt at writing a FAQ for RSU in Wiki form.

For those who don’t know: A wiki is a collaborative collection of interlinked web pages, all of which can be visited and edited by anyone at any time (collaborative software).

The idea is that other people will contribute to this page and make it expand, although there is already a good deal written. Hopefully a FAQ in this form would not get as outdated since anyone may update it! The information about skills was derived from the old page, but most I have written myself using old posts as references.

My intention is to have separate site for this, Then we could also have a lot more pages. But I have not arranged that yet. In the meantime I have put it on in place of the old page there that was obsolete.

The address is

Feel completely free to modify what I have written if you feel that it is incorrect, but please read the section “General advice for editing the FAQ” before making additions!

If people like this idea I will go ahead and set up I will try to add more sections soon, and I hope that I will inspire others to contribute. Feedback is welcome but contributions even more so! :slight_smile:

Greetings to Mike Hinson for the original page!

Does someone hold a master copy of everything? Like a backup? I could see someone being an ass and messing something up. If that happens, you would have to restore it…maybe archive it or something?

Every single revision of the files on the Wiki is stored on the server so it is not a problem to revert in case of vandalism. If you click on “Recent Changes” you will see what I mean.

Greetings to the first contributor except me, shapr! :slight_smile:

Great work, looks very handy.


The Wiki is a great Idea, we could also extend this section, ist it possible to put videos / or pictures on it?
Because with that, we could easily generate the best, most up to date and complete unicycling archive ever.

E.g.: All skill levels with a video per skill and hints from people who can do the tricks how to learn that. --> so we could make videos that actually HELP other people :wink:


PS: I cut and pasted one sentence about spins - it was written in the WW-Section.

Yes it would be possible to do pretty much all that if I have my own Wiki server for it. It would be possible to add personal Wiki pages too. Right now it’s just for the FAQ although it’s still possible to create new pages.

A page where people list their MSN / Yahoo / ICQ handles would be nice too, that’s certainly a FAQ. But it doesn’t really fit onto so maybe it would be better to wait.

I’ve added stuff on muni tire pressure, and forum hearsay on trials and freestyle tire pressure. I don’t actually own a trials or freestyle uni so I don’t know. Also I wrote about wrist guards, shin guards, and various other goodies.
Is the KH leg armor still being produced?

And that’s part of what I’m working on for the new I’ll PM you.

There was a similar effort a few years ago by evilewan, the results of which can be seen here:

With the permission of the authers, much of that could probably be recycled in to the wiki. You can certainly reuse my article about frame shimming, for what its worth.


I had not noticed that page but there is certainly some valuable information. I will read through that tomorrow and in case I find something valuable I will rewrite it for the FAQ, unless it’s yours and I just edit it.

It is nice to see that I already have got active people who modifify the pages, and make additions this is great! Everyone who reads this message should think of something to add! :smiley:

With the difference, that this FAQ is non-interactive.
The wiki is a ‘living’ thing.

Even better, if gets a WIKI, Gilby, so it would be self-authoring, and really growing fast.


I was planning to set up a dedicated uni-wiki in a week or two but I did not previously know about Gilby’s work. I thought it would be fun to run something like that, but on the other hand, having two uni-wikis would be a pretty bad idea.


Added some stuff on seat drag. I’ll do some of the other freestyle skills when I have time. Great idea! Would it be possible to add more categories for freestyle skills? There’s lots more skill I could write about that the ones you have there.

Yeah sure, you just have to start new sections!

Add something like

==== New fancy skill ====

when you’ve pressed edit in the freestyle skills section. Then write the description below.

If you press edit to the right of “Freestyle Skills” you will get the entire section including all subsections in the edit window and you may work freely within that section.

Really neat.

About a page with small videos for every trick on every skill level, and other hints and tips as well.
I really like the concept of it wouldn’t be too hard to make something like that on unicycles, would it?

Haven’t you seen yet? Wow, that diablo site is amazing.