Anna Jinks New Video

Hey, I just put together a video of stuff i have been working on for the past few months i was going to wait to add a few things i felt i was close to landing but i decided to go ahead and post. Hope you enjoy! All comments appreciated.



Its really weird that you just put this up cuz I was just thinking I wanted to see some girls riding lol

Good vid! Nice riding, everything looks pretty smooth too :slight_smile:

really nice blind 360 unispin!

I think you should work more on seat in trials until you can do lines without so many set up hops, before going to seat in front though.

Sweeeeeet. You should work on one handed moves though, its a lot easier to do gaps when you have one hand in the air.

I just showed this to my girlfriend and shes incredabley jelous haha

will you marry me?
edit: whats that oakridge talent night?

awesome vid anna. i loved it. youve come sooo far.:slight_smile:

haha I didn’t have to show my gf… i am jealous. I liked the last bit there. 1 hand would be good though for gaps. nice video though.

Really nice video, not too long nor too short :smiley: Good variation of tricks and scenery, great job!

Great vid! I have twin 7yr old girls that are going to love this vid. Just bought them a 16" unicycle to start out on. Perfect inspiration to get them going:D

awesome ! I really liked it !
roll on !:wink:

Thanks to everyone for their comments. I am going to work on less prehops and the onehanded tricks and gaps, i just feel like its more stable and i can jump higher with two hands, but i agree it would definitly benefit me to learn.

manon1wheel: It was a skit from a summer camp i go to during the summer. lol





Holy shit, nice flips and uni 3 spins. Can’t do those yet:p .
Get that second hand out of there, it will only hinder you.

great vid, cool ridings! u’ve inspired me to get working on my 3spins!:wink:

haven’t landed one yet, but you make em look so cool!:smiley:

thanks for sharing:)

Sorry man, she’s mine:D
That was some damn fine riding - awesome video!
Keep up the good work.
You have made me think i need to practice more.

your over 18 :stuck_out_tongue:

How old is she?

Shes ten you pedo…

I’m no pedo dude, i didnt think she was that young…
Anyway, back on topic…

Very impressive

It’s way cool to see girls out there owning some of the guys.