Anna Jinks- I Wish You Saw

I put together this video after landing some new stuff. It has taken me a while to land these new tricks so I hope you enjoy the video. All comments appriciated.


Thanks Anna

Sweet video.

Nice flips and tricks. I particularly admire your skinny dismounting technique. Keep it up.

Haha realy good, so elagant in your bails. Realy enjoyed it.

you need to learn how to bail

but nice riding

Nice video. I like your flip tricks, they were smooth looking. Your bailing on the other hand was not so smooth. Try not to scream as you fall.


Nice vid! First female to double flip?

Thanks everyone! yea some of my bails arn’t very smooth haha but I only posted the bad ones. Amanda I would love to eventually make it to a UNICON or another convention but I havent had the chance yet. Pig That wasn’t me screaming it was a girl that was watching/filming. :slight_smile: I do think that I am the first girl to doubleflip athough i am not positive.

wow…you are so good! keep up the awesome work!:slight_smile:

ah good stuff. That fall was the highlight :wink:

The doubleflip was pretty sweet to.


Man that was sweet. The bails were awesome lol.

Good to see you got rid of the 2 handed sidehop.

Very Nice, I always enjoy your videos, they are so real

Very nice some of the bails made me laugh.

Thanks so much everyone! I have been working really hard on landing the double so it felt great to land it finally. Does anyone know of any other girls that can do them. I don’t think there any but i was just wondering. I have also been working on SIF with one hand, and have found it works and looks way better. Im glad everyone has liked it so far. Thanks everyone for all the comments.

Shaun Johanneson?

Haha, snap. not normally a fan of bashing people on threads but i personally think this is funny as hell! high five for ivan! also GO anna! nice double, you even had some trials in there. Your for sure one of the best female trials/street riders out there! In fact i think you put most guys in their place. Moreover i think the way your progressing it is just a matter of time before your just one of the best riders out there (notice no refrence to the word “female”). keep it up, with girls like you out there i think alot of other woman are going to get into trials and street!

awesome vid anna. it was a pleasure filming that double.

Nce riding, and crank flips, bails made me laugh.

                        Good job

Nice video Anna! Seeing you land that double was one of the most inspiring things I’ve seen in a long time. I’m really happy for you! = ]

Nice video. I wish I could crank flip like that. Or at all for that matter.

Keep up the good work!