Anna Jinks Heart Skips a Beat

Hey everyone! I haven’t posted a video in a while and i thought i was about time. I have landed some cool new tricks and I wanted to share. I will make a longer video later in the summer when i get back in town after six weeks. I hope you enjoy! All comments appreciated.

Special Thanks: UTV and Olaf Schlote

Love it :slight_smile:

I used this song for my summer video last year, it’s so great! :slight_smile:
great riding, really clean/smooth, nicely filmed too for the most part! :smiley:

Loved the filming :slight_smile: I really liked the fulloutflip and treydub :open_mouth: it was so clean! Can’t wait to see more!

nice video. such a chill feel to it :slight_smile: but whats with the things around your lens? its weird and kind of annoying

Love the shoe’s Anna. :slight_smile:

This might be usefull for you:

EDIT: Just read the posts…

It’s probably a opteka baby death fisheye, and on most camera you can actually the sunshades, which is kind of stupid, but you can take them off, just like in the video I linked.

ANNA! That was so sick! The outdouble was ridiculous, and the treydouble was niiiice. I new you could get that after your really close attempt in your last video :smiley: I’m stoked for NAUCC, it’s gonna be awesome :smiley:

Cool video! Really nice riding, the treydouble was really clean!

Great, Anna! The treydouble was awesome, and you’re really close to that 7spin :smiley:

I watched a couple more times, and I want to add that I love how you always laugh when you fall. I try and do the same, but some skaters I know get really pissed off and like throw their skateboards when they fall, it’s really annoying and puts everyone in a shitty mood. Keep it up!

awesome tricks!!! :smiley:

I agree 100%! I hate when somebdy gets mad and throw their unicycle. It makes a bad atmosphere and smetimes awkward silence :frowning: (unless it’s because of hapiness when you land a new trick)

Very cool video! It has a really god atmosphere and also a lot of crazy tricks :smiley:

Insaaaaaaaaaaaaane tricks, really clean

thats awesome anna, your consistancy with doubles/treys and well looks like most tricks is really good :slight_smile: the trey double was siick and the hick flip up the little ledge!


Soo smooth. This video made me motivated to go out and ride.

Thanks everyone so much! It was really fun to make this video. I was really excited about the out double flip and the trey double flip! I will be more aware of my lens next time. I was close to the 720 but it will be a while before i try it again because i like killed my leg.

Awesome! I’m looking forward to your a summer video and a 720!