Anna Jinks Farm Unicycling 2

Hey everyone i had a chance to film a few clips over spring break. Nothing special not my best riding just wanted to make a relaxed fun video. hope you enjoy.


good vid but where is the Treyflip

very nice vid!!! :slight_smile:

just can’t understand how you can ride in those jeans? :roll_eyes:

Wheel walk! :slight_smile:

Good job!

Nice seatwrap :slight_smile:

Meh they’re not too bad, I’m a guy and I ride in full skinneys let alone flared skinneys, it’s not as bad as you would think.

and very nice vid btw, I like the wraps :slight_smile:

awesome vid anna. your camera looks so HQ!

YAY ANNA! haha I wish my friend Anna(who looks and sounds like you strangely enough) would learn to ride but she seems scared of unicycles haha.

Thanks for the comments. Ill put a treyflip in one of my upcomming videos this was just filmed while i messed around at my farm nothing to special. I did work on my wheel walking and seatwrap stud though :slight_smile: And riding in those jean isnt that hard for me.

I wish I had a farm to mess around at. :frowning:

Nice relaxed video.
How far up North were you?

nice video!