Anna Jinks Crashing Down

Hey i have landed some pretty cool things for this video. Im proud of it so I hope you all enjoy it. Comments are appreciated:)

First. Your flips look amazing.

Second… Awesome video. Some parts could have used a little better feeling, but it had a really good feel to it.
Everything was just so clean… Just, awesome.

Thank you.

ANNA YOU DA WOMAN!!! no but really sweet video, like really sick theres some stuff i but i can’t do in here awesome job on the hick double! keep it up!


That was really good, Anna! Loved the trey down the 3 and hickdub at the end.

O wow, soo good. You should be sponsored.

ahha the last hickdouble bail was really funny.

Nice job, good looking vid. At 0:53 or around that where you do an outflip I was looking somehwere else and I thought you did an outfith so I was going crazy.

So sweet…loved the hickdub at the end :stuck_out_tongue: and the trey down the 3

That was insane! Man that video was perfect. I loved the riding, song, and everything. My whole family watched it and they loved it too. Great job!


Lol the hickdouble bail!!! So awesome. I needa show this vid to one of my students, she’d love you.
Awesome to see the doubles one handed. Hickdub. Trey 3stair. Yep. Smooth.

Wow, everything is so flowy. Your flip tricks look great. Trey down the 3 and the hickdouble were my favorite parts too :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep it up, you’re getting crazy :smiley:

awesome video anna :wink: you improved really much in flips down stairs :roll_eyes: your treyflips look so nice!! you should try to catch them :wink:


If possible can you put this on YouTube so I can watch it on an iPhone? As the computer is busy! Can’t wait to see it…

Well done Anna, really enjoyed watching this video. Your mastery of your tricks is fantastic, nice flow, nice combos, nicely edited. Great to see a girl playing with the big boys, inspirational.

Congrats all round.

What a beauty of a video, eh?
I love watching your vids, as each one’s better then the last. Good stuff, keep them coming.

Anna!! Wow, I had no idea that you were landing all these sweet tricks. Treyflip down the 3, hickdouble, and one handed doubleflips were epic. I can’t wait to ride with you at NAUCC. :slight_smile:

Edit: and that big stairset you jumped was nice too, it’s hard for me to go for big stuff like that.

I called it in the brag thread, you crankflipped and treyflipped the 3 stairs.

You have some awesome crashes Anna! haha loving the treyflips and the flip/spin lines. also your outflips look really cool. congrats on the hick double, im still too scared to land double variations :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks so much everyone! The trey down the 3 and the hick double took me a while but it felt so good to land them! I would like to get sponsored, but i don’t know who would sponsor me. Thanks about my “flow” as i worked harder in this video not to have as many hops. All of yalls complements are great! and Julia haha its funny you called what I landed.

great vid anna
really loved the felling of the vid, even if i usually don’t like flip tricks

keep the good riding up

can’t wait to see your next vid

– bobousse

Just watched it again. Awesome vid. Fave clip has to be the grind, awesome.

I remember the video of you landing your first 360spin… ooooooorsim