Anna Jinks Blue

So this was just like a test vid i filmed christmas morning with my new camera. i had problem uploading to youtube and importing and exporting to final cut. the video quality turned out worse than it should have been, im still working out some stuff will my new equipment but wanted to go ahead and post so that i could start working on a new video. hope you enjoy. :slight_smile:

Nice, but I could swear that music has been used before.

You should learn to treflip, you probably could.

Pretty darn awesome, eh? Loved the way the hick looked and the wraps were really swell looking too.

GAH nice pedals. I want.

tom pec uses it in his movie spirit

Who cares.
And top riding Anna!

wow nice pedals, and hick flip was nuts

awesome vid!!! :slight_smile:

Sweet! Arenโ€™t you one of the riders up in Fort Walton?

Thanks every one for all the comment i really appriciate them. I got the blue pedals for christmas i love them.

Yeah, i got myself some twisteds too (i think mine may be a shade darker blue than yours, or maybe the same), i have however found plastics are not good for pedal grabs if you wanna keep the pins :stuck_out_tongue:
All in all, a good pedal tho :slight_smile: