Anna Jinks and Jonny Peacock

Me and jonny went riding this weekend and he put together a small video. There are a lot of crankflips and crankflip variations. Hope you guys like it!:slight_smile:

nice video

Great video Anna, how long have you been riding?

great job guys. wish i could have been there.

Thanks i have been riding for about 10 months

wow…thats amazing… i wish i progressed that fast. it must be nice to have someone else that is good to help push your limits:)

nice vid!

is that seconhand seranade?

the song is thunder by boys like girls if thats what you mean. Its like the acoustic version I think. Nice vid!

I loved it! I just wish i were longer (hint hint)

Thanks Everyone

We will try to make a longer video later this one was filmed all in about two hours and most of the time we were working on new tricks.