ANN: British Unicycle Convention 10

Come along to the BUC for fun!, frolics! and laughter! With
a little unicycling thrown in if you really, really want to.

It will be held the weekend starting Friday 25th April
2003. The venue is the same as this year, Baxter College
in Kidderminster (formerly known as Harry Cheshire

BUC9 was very successful - everyone had a great time, it
was sunny, and I was on TV! Er… falling off a Coker, though :-(.
Please stick this date in yer diary and help us make Kiddy II
even better.

There are lots of things still to sort out, including an
updated website. Please don’t try to register yet - there’s
no panic (yet!), but you might be interested in the BUC9 site: Obviously some details are
out of date - just use your loaf :-).

Arnold the Aardvark

PS: BUC10 - 25-27 April 2003, Baxter College, Kidderminster.

Re: ANN: British Unicycle Convention 10

Arnold the Aardvark <> wrote:
> PS: BUC10 - 25-27 April 2003, Baxter College, Kidderminster.

Hurrah, another BUC to look forward too.

Is anyone interested in taking part in a British free style competition at
BUC? I am thinking about proposing one that would run in the following

limited number of entry slots , 10 or 12 only, entry on first come first
served, sign up on BUC reg form.
held in a workshop time slot of an hour.
3 minutes per act
music on CD or cassette or mini disc
pairs or solo
all ages
judged under IUF freestyle rules (as far as possible given the above)

Is any one interested in
a: competeing
b: judgeing
c: helping out

Prizes would be minimal, the glory of being the first British free style
chamions, and maybe an invite to be in the BUC show. Possibly some tat if
theres any going spare.

Please discuss.


2nd Darmstadt International Unicycle Hockey Tournament
Nov 30th - Dec. 1st 2002