Ankle support

I get the “ankle strike” pain from doin stairs and other stuff, can’t stay off the unicycle long enough to heal.

I know Rowan uses hiking boots, and I’ve been recommended Converse shoes but I dunno, what do you guys recommend? What do Mr & Mrs Holm use?


PS I’m nearly there with 1 footed now, 4 full pedals in the rain today. Need to put my pins back in my pedals.

I wear hiking boots and still get ankle strike pain when I jump around with my foot too far back on the pedals. The boots assists when I UPD and might try to sprain an ankle with lateral torque. But landing a drop violently points my toes up towards my knees.

Normal riding and speed riding, the pedal axis is under the ball of my foot. When Jumping/dropping, I move the foot forward so the arch is over the axis. This way I can land with less stress on the ankle, more likely to keep my foot/leg angle relationship constant throughout the landing.

I’m no expert, but this helps me.

If youve ever read any skatboard trick runover the last step is always absorb the shock and ride away. It might be thefact that your putting to much weight on your legs(which is bad for you and your cranks) and that is probably what causes the ankle pain. It happened to me a while back it was bad enough to where i would limp so i went out and tried jumping seat out so i could bend my knees more to lessen the stress on my ankles. try to bend your knees more.

Oh and on the topic of shoes i would just go with converse or some vans skate/b*ke shoes because theyre comfortable and sturdy enough to last.

i also had that problem when going down steps. i fixed it by fixing my technique, not shoes. the tendency is the grip the pedals with your foot and try to control the rotation of the wheel as it goes down. i was always worried about how the cranks would line up. the solution is to approach stairs as you would a hill. the trick is not to control the speed of the wheel, but to let your feet naturally turn with the wheel. this will be scary at first but the results are great.

heres a quick story: i had been having your problem and therefore had tried nothing more than a 4 set of stairs. i had heard that you should take stairs as you would a hill but i was still too worried about everything. what if my tire pressure is too low? i dont want to go too fast. should i line my pedals up? why should i bother riding down a 4 set when i can easily hop it? and then one day, in the snow, i just decided to go for it. i tried a 10 set and rode away both on the uni and without pain. i proceeded to do more and more sets until i was too tired to ride. the moral of this story is do not think, just ride…

Re: Ankle support

I think he is talking about what Bill Jenack and Jack Wiley called “ankle clipping.” This is from banging the sides of your ankles against the side of the crank or axle, which can especially be a problem on the cycles with the splined straight cranks that protrude at the axle.

Many people clip their ankles in early riding, and depending what you’re learning, you can tend to do it some more. Most of us eventually learn to keep our ankles out of harm’s way, but with extreme riding this can be harder to do. Especially if you have the kind of cranks that protrude at the axle (you’ll know what I’m talking about if you do).

Wearing high-tops can help. Way back in the olden days, Bill Jenack recommended putting pieces of a motorcycle innertube around your ankle. I don’t know if motorcycles still use innertubes, but you can put other stuff on your ankles. Padding up a pair of high-tops or hiking boots should work.

In time, hopefully your feet will learn to mostly stay away from those clipping spots.

It’s a bit of a combination of “ankle strike” and knocking my ankles on the cranks. I have bruises and cuts on both ankles (even on the outside of my ankles!??) but it’s really the “ankle strike” that worries me. I’ve found that using my soccer shinpads that have ankle protection are great for avoiding the knocking.

Thanks for the replies, I’ll see what I can do about my technique.