ankle soreness

This is not about the ol’ ankle-bone-banging-against-the-crank; we all
know about that. This is stranger. Ever since I’ve learned to
unicycle well enough that I’m spending most of my time riding, rather
than getting on and off, I’ve had sharp pain below my right ankle bone,
when walking. It never hurts when I ride, only when I walk. If I lay
off the uni for a couple days the pain goes away. Otherwise, I’m
pretty much reduced to hobbling around.

I’m interested in hearing from anyone else who has had this problem.

I’m relatively new to riding a uni, so I spend a lot of time getting on/off. I think the getting off puts a lot of pressure on my ankles and knees since my shoe’s soles aren’t that thick.

I’ll definitely notice if I’ve been falling a lot that I get sore a lot quicker than otherwise. My guess was that they were just shin splints - so I’ve been thinking about getting some other shoes and see if that affects it at all.

I had a pretty bad UPD the other day. I slammed my knee as well as my big toe…kinda like I kicked a concrete wall. I know knee pads help for the knee, but what on earth can I wear to protect my big toe??..seeing as this is not the first time that it happened.
I didnt mean to hijack your thread…I think this relates to your shoe thing.

Not sure if your young enough, but I have that problem.
My growth plate underneath my ankle bone is killing me. My podiatrist (foot doctor) said that it’s a sign of an umpcoming growth spurt. BUt I have the exact same symptoms. The only time it hurts unicycling is when I do trials.