Ankle problem...

Which are the best ankle guards. Although I haven’t received my Summit yet I know it has the KH cranks, thus the nub problem is included. Before Iwas told to wait and see if I was affected, however if I’m already affected on my Torker Cx I think it’ll be fine to go ahead and either get the ankle guards or get the nub problem fixed.

Ankle guards or nub problem fixed?

Ankle Guards are $19.

Not sure what the nub fix costs.

Which should I go with?

I just realised I have the problem with no nubs so I’ll go with guards, but if I leave the nubs then will the combo of guards and nubs be too obstructive?

So finally, my questions are, no nubs and guards, or nubs guards? and, how much does the nub fix cost and can I do it myself? Thank you.


Ps. Sorry for wordiness.

Steve Howard has a gallery detailing the nub removal process.
Steve’s crank protrusion removal gallery

The process involved machining off the protrusion on the crank and adding 1/4 inch of additional spacers on each side of the hub spindle. If you print out the gallery a local machinist should be able to figure out the process. I have no idea how much the machining should cost.

You might also do well to get the 661 Dually shoe. It’s a high top shoe with ankle protection. It’s a good shoe. I did, however, have to add a Dr. Scholl’s Advantage Sport insole that has a plastic arch support to stiffen up the shoe. Otherwise drops hurt my feet because the shoe sole was too flexible and soft.

SOOO: I am not the only one that has that problem.

I only been at this for a couple weeks. I went to wearing leather “winter” boots that are about 9" hi an insulated. That is not a good summer fix. I will look into ankel protectors. I suppose in any good sports store. ?Galyans?

Never heard of Galyan’s, but I saw some nice ones at,, and They’re all about the same price.

About Steve Howards solution that looks good but I have one question. Why do you have to put in the spacers? Wouldn’t it be smarter to keep the cranks closer to the centre of the hub for strength? It probably sounds like a dumb question if you know whats going on, unfortunately I don’t.