Ankle Injuries.

I’ve been riding about 2 months now, and lately since I’ve been doing MUni rides and slightly bigger trial riding I have been ‘hyperextending’ my ankles. It usually occurs when the uni slips out in front of me and the pedal won’t let go of my foot, pushing the ball of my foot towards my shin. I can continue to ride but the next day I can hardly walk on it :frowning: I’m curious if this is a normal thing, like getting used to the chaffing from a seat when jumping around etc, Or is this a sign of weak ankles? Or will they get stronger over time and this won’t be an issue anymore.

Try using a wobble board to strengthen the connective tissue and muscles around your ankles. Also check the placement of your foot on the pedals, try putting more weight on the arches of your feet rather than the ball.

Ankle injuries are moderately common, but usually when people fall off and land on them, it certainly isn’t something you should get used to. It might be worth trying some ankle exercises to strengthen them, wobble board is a good suggestion, or you can get a thick elastic band like this you hook over your feet which you can do various exercises with. You might have to get it from a physiotherapist tho, it seems like they don’t sell them individually online, and they can detail you exactly which exercises you need to do. I also wore neoprene ankle protectors when i was recovering from injury, these take some of the load off your ankle, and help bend it back straight so you don’t fall at a bad angle on it. Most sports shops will stock neoprene braces for knees ankle elbows etc.

The wobble board looksl like it might be a interesting trainer, I’ll have to speak to one of the Doctors in the office where I work about it.

I’ve done the same thing to my ankles on almost every MUni ride until recently- too much of your weight is towards the balls of your feet. If you place the middle of your foot on the pedal, you’ll be in a better position to take drops, bumps, etc., but sliding off the pedals still happens a lot:

  1. I bought a good pair of MUni shoes, lot’s of grip, and I haven’t slid off and strained my ankle since.
  2. Hold on to your handle tighter than you think you might need to when running obstacles and really force your feet down.
  3. It happens more often if you’re ankles haven’t had time to heal in between strains.

I wear ankle wraps sometimes, but they don’t work that well for what you described, they help more with left and right lateral twists.

cut soft mouse-pads in 4 pieces, round the corners. And you’ll have 2 pairs of ankle protectors to put in you socks.

Another good ankle strengthener is too stand on one foot and close your eyes, the constant shifts your ankle makes to steady your balance strengthens them up. I used to us it all the time after spraining ankles (when they could take weight again).
As for you specific problem its quite hard to get strength back there as there’ll always be a weakness mine are prone to doing that and its really annoying you just got to be careful and learn to live with these little injuries.

Go see a doc… I fscked up both my ankles last year, one mostly 'cause I was lazy and didn’t see the doc… In my case, some ankle braces helped immensely, but that was a different type of injury… I actually injured them cycling…

Actually I am going to go see a doctor, I injured the other ankle, the continued to ride on it thinking it was a simple sprain that I could ice and elevate and be good in a week. Now I can hardly walk on the thing. Luckily I work at a radiology center (I’m their IT guy =D) so free MRI’s for me!

I don’t understand can somebody explain how you cut it round the corners?

Dorsiflexion of the foot is a reality of any unicycling involving hopping or dropping. It is very common to injure ankles due to dorsiflexion.

In addition to RICE, and the exercises suggested here, you should really think about wearing ankle protection of some sort. High-topped shoes, or ankle braces or wraps will help your foot absorb the impacts without hyperextending.

Ankle braces, with straps. Gotta have them. Standard gear (in our group) for tech muni.

As mentioned, you need to develop the reflex to always slide your foot so the instep is over the pedal when approaching hard rolling or drops. Once the ankle capsule gets screwed up (from too much backward torque) it takes months to heal.


Unfortunately those seem only to support “rolling”, side-twisting injuries; are there any braces that specifically protect againt the kind of over-inversion sprains that we tend to sustain, where the ankle gets over extended upward? I suppose maybe a brace like that would limit vertical flexion too much, thus not be too practical?

I had no idea that ankle support was such a big deal, I wish someone told me in advance that I should consider ankle support =) Maybe they should build leg armour with ankle support built in =D


I just got back from an orthopediest (sp) on an unrelated topic and I asked him about this. What happens is the bones at the top of the foot are slammed into the bones of the leg. That is why you get that tender spot on top of the ankle when you would expect it at the back (point of stretch). If it happens enough a spur may form or chip produced. I have greatly reduced the occurence by moving my feet slightly forward on the pedals during drops and the like. I try to get the pedal directly under my leg. Now know that I am 40 pounds over weight, you slight guys may be able to prevent by other means (strength, shoes, etc) Good luck

Sorry if this was a thread jack.

go to a doctor

do some fisioterapy

they will make some muscles on your ankle

this kind of injurie dont happens to me anymore

Stand more on your heals if you’re going to do a big drop.
Try to jump clear of the unicycle when you fall/dismount.