Ankle Guards

Anyone know of any good ankle guards cuse i keep messing up my ankle on unispins and drops…my ankle hits the side of the crank (the round piece where the crank bolt goes) and my ankle bust out bleeding and it still hasnt gotten better in a period of over 2 months…i keep hitting it and it would be nice to get some ankle guards…

Justin wears some you might ask him but he doesnt go on much so send him a message or comment.

will send a message or sumthn…

Ive used the 661 ankle guards, and they are pretty sweet. They give you a full range of movement in your ankles, so they are very comfy, and they protect you very well. Definitely worth the 10-25 dollars they cost online.

I only wore mine for a little though, cause I ended up taking them out to put into a new pair of shoes, and procrastinated about that, then ended up just changing my foot position so I never hit my ankles anymore.

arent the 661s good for drops too…

Active ankle guards/ supports are good… They save you ankle from being hit and helping doing drops… they are totally worth 70bucks… it cost way more that that to go to the hospital… they are also really comfortable…

You can find soccer style shingaurds for around 10 dollars, that have ankle protection. They arnt quite long enough for full shin prtection and they dont cover yer knees. I have used em for about 7 months still work fine.
Anyway, you could just cut the ankle prtection off and sew it to your existing leg armor.

661 shin guards is what i use…the protect the ankle and knees …and everything in between.

Plus one on the soccer shin guards.

hey guys, the ankle guards from 661 helps from ankle twistin and also ?

iam thinking in buy one

iam using aircast on my ankle. i twisted it 1 month ago

i got some a week ago from walmart off of some soccer shin guards (mite is the brand) and the ankle part is held on with velcro so it is detatchable from the start…and they work good so far…

I found some soccer shinguards at Walmart that had detachable ankle guards and used those. They were $10

you could just keep messing up your ankles and get huge disgusting dark pink scars on them like i have. I’de say it helps get the ladies but it doesnt.

I just cut the bottom off some football pads and put wear them as well as my kh pads, works well