Ankle Destroyer

I asked a similar question a few weeks ago, but it fell on dead ground.

Here is a link to ankle braces to start with. It looks like there are two types in general; recuperative, lay around braces and sport braces. The latter fit within the shoe.

Virtually any brace will protect against lateral eversion and inversion (“rolling” the ankle to the inside or outside); the real question is how well they reduce dorsiflexion (ball of foot forced upwards) and plantarflexion (difficult to imagine that injury).

Dorsiflex injuries are probably disproportionately common to uni-riders via rearward upds. I know I’ve had two, both near-misses that left me rolling around with a hot-poker burning in my ankle for about 5 minutes. I know of at least one video in the gallery of a young unicyclist breaking his ankle via dorsiflexion. Reading the post in this thread, it appears most, possibly all , of the aprains cited here are dorsiflex injuries.

Lots of good info about ankkle sprains and braces on google. HTH.

Something worth understanding (as I understand from an afternoon’s morbid sports medicine googling). Sprains can progressively weaken your ankle. The damage can be cumulative. Just because you don’t hurt anymore doesn’t mean you didn’t mess yourself up.

Ankle braces are high on my Uni acquisition list, co-equal to full calf/shin guards.