Ankle Crunch

Who else has done this to their ankle and what were the after effects? I did this almost 2 weeks ago. It hurt like hell when I did it. I rode back to my car no problem (even stupidly did a few more drops). I did not take it easy the next day and the following week my whole foot was pretty swollen. This week there is only minimal swelling. There has been little to no pain since the “incident”. I have been staying away from the muni for now.



Yup … been there, done that… It hurts like hell. One of the main reasons I started using hiking boots as my riding shoes. The higher ankle support on the boots helps to stabalise the ankle. Through the years I have sprained both ankles many times, even stupidly rolling my ankle just walking on a flat road or path before. Since using the hiking boots my ankles have been fine, even when getting into situations like yours above. It still hurt a little, as in I could feel it, but no after effects and could carry on with my ride with no worries.

yip this has happened to me as well, I’m still having issues with me ankle and now have to wear an ankle support when ever I ride, And some times if I hurt it when not wearing it I have to wear it during school… not nice

Same here. I wear 661 race braces and high top shoes which works as a very good “suspension”. But the injury has never healed completely even when I stopped riding for about half a year because of my broken arm.


Just happened to me on last Fridays ride. However I wear hiking boots that cover my ankle so I got hurt on the top part of my foot and not on the ankle.

Basically I recovered from a rock rollout under my tire just before hitting a half meter drop so I landed with the pedal under the ball of my foot instead of under the center of my foot. It did not cause a UPD. It hurt for a few seconds and I continued my ride no problem. The next morning when I woke up it hurt like hell, I limped and there was swelling between my Metatarsals. These are the bones between the toes and ankles. It felt kind of like a jammed finger. I limped for a few days. Now I barely feel it and my ride this morning was great.

I seriously advise wearing at least high top sneakers when riding Muni trials or street.


I know that hightops help for preventing ankle rolling, but do they really help for this kind of hyper-compression issue? My ankle doesn’t hurt per se. The front of my ankle and metatatarsals were where the swelling was also.

The technical term for your foot moving upwards this way is “dorsiflexion”. It very commonly causes MUni injuries. Fortunately such injuries tend to be not as severe as other ankle/foot sprains.

High-tops will help a little, but you’re right that most ankle protection is attempting to avoid rolling rather than dorsiflexion. Active Ankles, for example, do nothing at all for this kind of injury. The best protection is probably the lace-up 661s, but those are a pain to use regularly.

when i damaged my ankle i was told by my physio that the pain felt after was scar tissue and to keep full range of motion i needed to regularly stretch ankle

Hi-Tops and Injury Prevention

The Hi-Tops will help some in this case of dorsiflextion. Not much though.

The hi-tops protect from pedal, frame or rock blows to the very sensitive ankle area and they do provide some suport to the ankles. It seemed like my Talis bone, that is the ankle bone that protrudes from the ankle, would be the thing that got hit. ( An interesting sidenote. Dice used to be carved from the Shiny Talis bone therefor ethe term Talismen.)

With dorsiflextion what commonly happens is that your bones basically bang into each other. In extreme cases this can cause fracturing of various foot bones. (There are 26 bones in each foot.) However in most cases it is just bruising and will go away after a few days.


I don’t seem to have any reduction in range of movement. I would think that if I had broken a bone there would be a lot more pain. I have only the slightest pain. I will see how things go when get back on the muni. Not this weekend - off backpacking with the family.

I do this ALL THE TIME on outfifthflips. I can hardly walk for about 3 minutes, but with a short break it usually goes away quickly. It’s pretty frustrating.

I’ve done it lots of times and had it hurt only very briefly. I must have hit it harder this time.

I havent done it recently but when it did happen it was usually because my foot was to far forward on the pedal. I started placing my foot more of centered on the pedal and it still occurs but not near as much.

My experience has been the same. Not sure what happened here. My foot placement doesn’t look bad. I had just ridden of the same thing 3 times prior to the crunch with no problemo. I think I didn’t have my leg tensed-up enough and my cranks were not quite where I wanted them at impact.

I also believe thats a major role in ankle crunch as well, whenever i do big set i always try to hit them as fast as i can ride out of them while still landing it. I believe that this keeps your ankle from over extending and it keeps your cranks in the right area as well.

I also visited a doctor and had a X-ray because of this. The result was (in my case!) that it’s a bone bruise where the bones hit each other. He said that this kind of injury heals out spontaneously and you can’t do anything.

Regarding riding technique I found out that it’s better when you just spin fast. Then it doesn’t even matter that much where the feet are on the pedals and which positions the cranks have.

Happens to me a lot doing trials on even some smaller drops sometimes. Once it even happened during a pre-hop haha. At NAUCC last year on the first day when Joe and I were riding with you Pat and Will I did it so many times I couldn’t ride trials for a few hours after. haha

I also got mine x-rayed and the doc. said I might have a fractured growth plate (which is bad means your foot will stop growing) and they sent it away to a specialist to look at so I couldn’t ride for a couple of weeks because I had a backslab cast on my leg and ankle.

Yeah, it happened to me on prehops before too!