animated avatars?

how do i get an animated gif file as an avatar?
any suggestions?

You can make them… Microsoft GIF Animator does them; I don’t know wher e you can get it offhand but it’s free and quite common so a google should find it. Fire it up, stick your frames in and hey presto…

Phil, just me

Note that there are size limitations on avatars… frames add to file size rather quickly.

There are loads here:

some are quite good, some aren’t. Depends on your tastes

Re: animated avatars?

I used Ulead Photo Impact 4.2 (not free). There are many other gif animator programs the are free on the web.
I took 10 pics of my ghost ridden Semcycle, saved them as .jpg, resized to 50x50, put them in the gif animator and made sure the final file size was less than 20000 bytes (max.), and Bingo!


Try this page for some help