Animal Pedals Or TrailMix Pedals?

Hello everybody I was wondering if i should get the Animal unsealed pedals, or the unsealed TrailMix pedals?

Thanks for the help.

TrailMixes have longer pins, more screw through body hex pins (tougher to strip out) and a smooth body (mud doesn’t stick to pedal body as easily; easy to clean). As an added bonus, they’re lighter (19.5 oz vs. 21.2 oz). I’ll probably make a more in-depth review sometime in the future.

Animals come with two lengths of pins, both long and short (I use a combination of the two).

The Animals have more pins but as stated less of them are the nicer through body pins.

I have never had any issues with mud on mine but maybe for muni I might.

Lighter is definitely good but I prefer the two different lengths of pins so I can fine tune the grip just right, and this is easier with more pins.

Overall I think they are pretty equal though, go with the cheaper ones.