angle iron bc wheel plates

this week i am having my dad make me some bc wheel plates out of angle iron. I am pretty excited…The plates will drop down about 4 inches from the axle, do you think this will be low enough for a beginner? I would also like to put some doug brown negative one camo grip tape on them.

It’s going to be heavy…

we are using a 3/4 of an inch thick angle iron

It’s going to be veryheavy.

Heh… for my BC plates I used 8mm thick angle iron and the plates adjustably hang down 10 cms or 5 cms. I find that the 10 cms suffices for my riding, but I don’t BC very much.


That’s going to be EXTREMELY heavy, I used 1/4" thick plate and it was nearly as heavy as a KH20.

Buy metal tubing instead, and make EB plates, that is, if you have a welder.

3/4" diameter, .085" thick, square tubing. Makes extremely lightweight plates.

if hes using angle iorn than he probably dosent have a welder
4" will be plenty low just dont try bolting them on with a quick relese :roll_eyes: :smiley:


well does weight really matter? i dont think i will really be doing tricks that often…

For a beginner, I would say extra weight helps a little.

When you’re skate mounting, the extra weight keeps the wheel from flopping around.

A heavier wheel also tends to fall over more if you fly off of it.