Andrew's muni movie...

Well it’s pretty much a muni movie anyway, but there’s also a bit of trials in there. I just made a compilation of all of my better clips from this summer (it’s winter now in Australia :() in a similar style to the one I did last year. Nothing particularly fancy but some of you may enjoy it. I didn’t spend quite as much time editing either.

High Res - 35MB, DivX encoded, 4min42sec, 16:9
Low Res - 10MB, WMV, 4min42sec, 320x240.

I hope you enjoy it…


Very entertaining and great choice of music. It is almost paradoxical to feel relaxed while watching Muni/trials video, but that’s the feel it gives. You’ve captured the spiritual/at-one-with-nature aspect of Muni (or at least what I imagine it to be since the last time I went hiking or camping you weren’t born. :slight_smile: )


very awesome movie, as usual! :slight_smile: brilliant riding, and brilliant choice of music. I agree with JJJuggle, it’s like, relaxed…or something…it’s just awesome. I like it.

Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet !!!

I liked it a lot!


Fantastic! I felt very close to the environment that you were riding in. Great job!

that was an awesome movie, i liked when u rode around those wood things pivoting when u went each way. The music was awesome too. Good job

Just a normal awesomely kick ass video form the one they call Andrew Carter… very nice…


Excellent! Thanks for posting that and all of your instructional videos. They are much appreciated.

Great movie! (As always.) Thanks very much.

How many different unis did I count? Was it just two, or were there more?

Thanks a lot. :slight_smile: I thought the music was appropriate too. It’s pretty hard to particularly dislike that song, I think.

Thanks, I’d love to find some lines like that a meter or so above the ground. Actually, I’m going to get a friend to make me some metal trials obstacles one day including a set of rail portions I can set up in different patterns.

Thanks for appreciating them. :slight_smile:

You counted two I believe, but there are quite a few others at home. 6.5 in total I think. The muni is only half upgraded. Soon I’ll have a beautiful white custom frame to add to it. A couple of weeks away hopefully.


Are you making it yourself, or is someone making it for you? What type of wheel?

Well it’ll be beautiful so that rules me out. :wink:

This thread will tell you everything you need to know about the project -

My current wheel will be going in there until I need a new rim/can afford a new tyre. I heard Gazz’s are going out of production but luckily Gary of has quite a few in stock.


You are GOOD!!!

that frame coming any week now andrew?


Awesome video. You always make great videos I really like the Muning video’s by you because it’s not all north-shore. Great video once and awesome music keep it up.

dang that was sweet!:slight_smile: the riding was great, and i loved the nature sounds mixed in with the music, it makes you feel like your there filming it.

Good Job

nice editing too!

Great movie ! My compliment.
Is there any chance to got it for ?
We create this place to make movies like that very easy accessible for all people and we need a lot of movies to make it attractive for as many people as possible.
Did you know about the copyright Situation of your Background music ?
It’s the only difficult thing while streaming unicycle video clips for free.

Well the soundtrack is from a very well established band. I’ll leave that side of things up to you, but you definitely have my permission to use my movie. Another of my bigger movies is this one - . Personally I think it’s better than the one in this thread.