Andrews Avatar Needed!

Hi guys!

I need to find the original andrew`s avatar. The file with better resolution, I woul like to use it to advert a muni weekend here in spain.

Every one is invited!! It is going to be at the mountains of Madrid, in “El Puerto de la Morcuera”, the first weekend of jun.


            Pepe, Monociclos.Com

What’s Andrew’s avatar?

Here ya go

THanks Probailer2!!

That was esactly what I was loking for!!

Haha, that pic really gets around! It’s actually been used in another unicycling event, I think. In one of the European countries.

I’m sure he won’t mind at all but you might like to ask Greg, who did the cartoon, for permission to use his work.


I heard about thins guy who you give him a pic and more pics from diff angles and then he makes a glass model of it I can imagine that w/ the above pic
“The Andrew Carter best bail ever trophy”

Yeah, now all we need is for me to reenact the fall with a whole bunch of cameras set up around me. :slight_smile:

No problem
I found the vid with his faceplant:
Did it hurt mutch Andrew?

A little, but nowhere near as much as it could have. I think a little bit further in towards the centre of the tyre and my nose wouldn’t have been too happy. All I got was a bit of a cut lip and nose…and a funny video…and the respect of all the bike riders. :wink:


it was only funny because of the situation. i put myself in worse positions all the time when i am riding (not just tires) and luckily come away with very few injuries. however i dont have any good stacks on film because of it