Andrew's 8 minute movie...

Trials of 2004 - Compilation of mini movies (15.8MB, 8min20sec)

Yesterday I bought some video editing and DVD authoring software (Vegas Movie Studio, and DVD Archtiect) so I’ve just spent quite a few hours combining all my recent mini-movies into one big one.

It’s 8 minutes long and so far I have only successfully uploaded a 15.8MB version (similar in quality to the low res versions I have been posting of my mini-movies). I still haven’t quite figured out the video compression options. One thing that disappointed me a little is that as far as I know (I may be wrong) you can only get a 4:3 aspect with black stripes at the top and bottom and no true 16:9. As I said though, I’m very new to this program and I’m hoping there’s an option hidden away there somewhere.

I’ve tried to link the video and audio together tightly in some spots (note the drum solo mid-way through with the exposed roots clips) which I think turned out well.

I actually prefer Windows Movie Maker 2’s options for exporting to .wmv files, but Vegas does offer lots more file types and formats and HEAPS of options for .avi files which I haven’t yet figured out.

I’ve decided to make a big movie like this each time I get a build up of mini movies done.

Enjoy! Feedback on editing, and what not is welcome.


Very nice, somehow I knew you would complie all of your awesome riding into some big things. Very well done.

Wow… I especially like the stuff at the playgrounds… and the rail riding is amazing, thats been the hardest thing for me to learn, and I still struggle on an upright 2x4… I like all the trials stuff too… so I guess I like all of it… Looks great!


Another movie very well done. Mad props AC.

that reminds me of Godzillas Revenge (1971)…AKA recycled footage.

Nice work and nice riding…cool to see the previous shorts come together. I think the frequent shot transitions help mask that it’s all fixed-camera work. Great solo accomplishment Andrew.

The fact I’ve seen some of the footage before doesn’t lessen it for me. Jag’s just got issues.

what-ever, stop commenting about my comments you swine…your own thoughts are fine but do you have to incorporate my posts into yours? i ask you because it seems to be a daily event latly…nice to meet you and everything but dont bother in the future. i woundnt want you to open yourself up to my “issues”

Thanks guys. :slight_smile:

That’s an interesting point, I’ll have to keep that in mind for future projects. Cheers.

Tomorrow I’m going for another ride and will take the camera with me.



I’ve seen all of your other videos (and pasted them around to our group–I’m the only one that regularly reads RSU). I usually just lurk, but I really should take the time to post at least once: fantastic riding and great work getting it all nicely edited, encoded, and uploaded for everyone to enjoy. I can’t wait to see what you pull off in 2005; you’re a huge inspiration. Keep it up!

. . . . and thus he responds like someone with issues. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Matthew. I’m planning on visiting NZ some time in the next year or two (hopefully one)…maybe we can all catch up for a ride then? Do you live anywhere near either Peter Van Boekhout, Tony Melton, or Ken Looi?


I’m actually in the Phoenix area, Arizona, USA (AZ is the US state code). I realize you probably read that as NZ at first glance. If you do happen to end up here for some reason or another, though, you can always crash on my couch :slight_smile:

Hahahaha, indeed I did read NZ. Well let’s replace 2 years with 10 years then. :slight_smile:


Well, that was some amazing riding! It gives me yet another source of inspiration for going out to ride this weekend.

Before I try some of that stuff, though, i should buy myself some protective gear (all I have at a current, is a lousy helmet)…

Anyways, thanks!

Beautiful! Thanks Andrew - loads of amazing riding and groovy music (could you credit the music at the end when you’re finished with editing it?). Makes me want to get outside and work on getting that kind of rock-solid balance control… :slight_smile:

  • Sam


Not only the riding, but the entire sound track didn’t include one “f” word or a rap beat…

Thanks for killing yet another of my work days, Your video SUCKS…You guys have to stop with all the SWEET riding and video, I am supposed to run the company, damn it. I cant keep doing sales calls with my UNI in the back of my truck.Empoyees are getting wise to my tricks. Somebody post a video with a bunch of RAIN and FLAT TIRES or something…That will keep me focused. My wife says we are going broke…LOL

Hats off, fantastic riding, amazing video, cant wait to see the next one!

PS. If anyone wants to ride in San Antonio, we will be in shorts and t-shirts at the park on sunday. If you show up with snow pants, gloves, and boots, no problem, I keep an extra pair of shorts in the truck…

great stuff Andrew…I wish I lived closer to a high caliber unicyclist like yourself, I’d progress quicker being around such great talent

holy cow that was awsome man andrew you deserve to be on mainstream vide or sometin like the next syko productions vid you are really good:D

nice logo