Andrew McLean

In the April 18, 2005 issue of “the New Yorker” magazine there is an
article called “Dangerous Game” about an extreme skier named Andrew
McLean. McLean lives in Park City, Utah.

After a few pages of relating McLean’s background and some of the
frightening things he has done on skis, this sentence appeares: “In
warmer months, he likes to ride a unicycle on mountain trails.” Near the
end of the article there is this description of his home" “The ground
floor is dominated by his workshop. It contains twenty-three pairs of
skis, as well as climbing skins, boots, bicycles, unicycles, and various
heavy mechanical saws and drills.”

I was wondering if anyone has ridden with or knows Andrew McLean?

John Hooten

I don’t know him, but he sometimes posts to the Telemark Talk forum. The New Yorker article was discussed there a while ago.

There was also a profile on McLean in Outside Magazine. The Outside article is online here.

Lou Dawson, another well known backcountry skier, included a pic of a unicycle in his weblog a while back. Unicycling and skiing definitely have a similar feel - balancing, falling forward to move ahead. Learning one skill probably helps improve the other.

Re: Andrew McLean

I know him pretty well and ride with him virtually every time he goes out. :slight_smile:

I got into uni riding when I was a kid living in Florida (not a big ski town) and then didn’t do it again for years until a friend loaned me one they had used for a while. Soon after that I saw Unizaba and was blown away at how cool Muni’s are. One of the main reasons I got into it was that I could do it with my two dogs - running was too hard on the body and mtn biking was too fast for the poochies. With a Muni, everybody has fun.

I’m very interested in meeting and riding with other Muni’er around the Park City/Salt Lake area!

Andrew McLean

As a GMD front desk clerk in the early 90’s, I skied some of the chutes which ended up in “Chuting Gallery”.

Thanks for the cool book and it’s an honor to welcome you to

Oh, and congrats on all the recent publicity.

Re: Re: Andrew McLean

From the site link below you can get to the Moab Muni Fest web page. There you will find a “Send me a message” icon you can use to send mail to Rolf Thompson, the festival organizer. He’s a great rider who lives in the Sandy area, and his son Karl is one of the better muni/trials riders out there. I’m sure they’d be up to do a ride sometime. They’re also tapped into some of the other off road riders in the area.