Ando Yuta Flat/Freestyle vid and bike saddle?
Nice vid from Koxx and…

This guy is using bike saddle on his uni… :astonished: Well, its lighter but is it as good as common unicycle saddle? Does anyone else have experience with bike saddles on a unicycle? I believe flatland saddle could be durable enough and good to hold on.

Weird aye I saw that video a while ago. I notice that he doesn’t do a lot of sitting or stand up wheel walks.

i ended up downloading that movie Becuse its AWESOME!:smiley:

idk, i didn’t think it was that great…

I think its totaly great. Yuta has such cool style and flow. He really makes a 20inch look fun with all that spinning and such.

I remember seeing this guy in The One. Pretty crazy style, very flowy, intense on the seat drops and the pirouets. I also really dug the fakie, 180 rotator near the end, very nice.

Looked pretty cool to me, but I found it pretty repetitive, it seems like this guy is clearly awesome, but this video and the video in “The One” seemed lacking. I would love to find out more about his seat choice, is this the kind of stuff he normaly does? Does he expand into other things aswell?

i think thats what i mean, to me it just seemed like a lot of leg wrap variations…idk, some stuff was cool like the thing in the end the 360 with the revoulution, i thought that was cool

Could of been shorten to about 15 seconds of footage. Way too repetitve, wraps, backwraps, blind wraps, it’s all been done around here like 2 years ago. Would have made a great 3 clips or so.

-Shaun Johanneson

But just because its been done before, doesn’t mean its not fun to do it again, and to watch again. Otherwise, a lot of flip tricks could fit into what you said above, and a lot of your videos could fit into what you just said.

I haven’t watched this vid yet, but I want to, and have it saved, but now I have to go and ill have to watch it once I get home. Sounds good so far though.

You’re just asking to be hated. Haha… I’m not pissed or anything, but don’t bash someone else’s work. You should stop doing crank flips because they were done by MC years and years ago.

It’s the same arrogant attitude that pisses people off. “Trials is just leg strength”… wow
You’re a great rider, and I still love you:), but try and understand different peoples styles.

He can’t help being arrogant, he’s an American. I’m mean but I love it.

hahaha that just made my week…

I like how flatland is being compared to flips, because flips aren’t tricks anymore. it’s not doing them that’s the trick, (unlike flatlanding) it’s how, and where they’re done. Flatland will also be the same, it’s the tricks that set them a part. However a single crankflip can be done to manny (up something), down something, to something (coast, glide, one foot, backwards one foot), into something (rail slide, ledge slide) and out of something (rail slide, ledge slide, coasting trick). So, to me, a wrap around done over and over on flat, is not even close to a crankflip, a crankflip could be done over and over in a minute video but never have the same thing repeated. But after wrap, backwrap, blind wrap, blind back wrap (actually all different tricks, which is helping the crankflip agruement, but i’m giving the flatland agruement room here) it’s kinda done. I’m posting my opinion because sometimes somethings need to be said, and let’s face it, no one in this uni world will come down hard enough on anyone else. Let’s not give the wrong people false hope about skill, that’s the real cruelity. Honesty is not the cruelity here.

-Shaun Johanneson

p.s. Post away peeps on how arrogant I am. Back to the good old days. I’d give the kid props in public for some moves, but a whole video is kind of a bit much. Of course with my tricks, what’s left after one removes flips, unispins, twists, grinds, sets, manny pads (all things I tend to repeat over and over and over as some of you complain). Oh yeah… Trials is left…

A crankflip is a trick, there is no doubt about it. All these crankflip variations must be extremely hard to learn and master, but to the untrained eye, it looks all the same. Telling people that they have too many repetitive tricks in a vid is the hight of hypocrisy.

My guess is this is more of K1’s work than his work. He was probably just like, yo I wanna go riding in Toulouse and show off to the public a bit and K1 was like we will make a super cool awesome video of you cause we spend way to much on graphic designers to make wacky videos that all look the same. So lets not bash Yuta, lets bash K1’s editing and marketing team.

Its fun to push people’s buttons (side note).

It would be really cool if Yuta would post some stuff around these parts talking about his saddle choice and general stuff. I bet hes got some cool ideas for unicycling that we won’t ever hear about until we meet him.

Sometimes the real cruelty is being an ass.


Sometimes the real cruelty is being an ass.


Didnt like a second of it, dont know why I even bothered to download it and watch it.

Completly with you. The great thing about street (not flatland) is that you can take even a simple trick and make it hard and look amazing by when and how you do it. Where ever you ride theres more and more posibilites, chalanges and chances to land a new line wereas with flatland once you have seen a trick once thats it. It can’t be done up off or across something like flips can so it becomes repetative.

Lets not be nasty here.

People should accept other’s styles. We don’t need to divide a small community like the bikers. I ride street, you ride XC. You’re gay.