... and then I bought a 36er

Can you free mount a 29er? If you can, then you’ll be able to figure out the 36er without too much trouble. It took me something like a half hour of playing with Davey’s before I had the general hang of it.

I do something similar. Whenever I’m tired, I find that I lean my left shoulder significantly forward. (I’m left-handed, so that doesn’t surprise me too much.) When I put in 17 miles on my 29er a couple weeks ago, by mile 10, I was constantly trying to reign in my left arm. And by the end of the ride my left shoulder was sore.

So I think you’re probably right on the money - more practice. Getting the 36ers rolling is clearly more effort, and it sounds like you had a bit of a ramp-up just to get on the confounded thing.

Not that it means much, but I have a similar problem on my 29er.

– UniT

Yes, I can almost free mount the 36 now after about 15 minutes of trying today. The wheel looks so big that is was more intimidating then anything. It also doesn’t help that it is 92 F in the shade with high humidity. I am more likely to take the easy way out when it is like this. :slight_smile: So after 15 minutes I took a break in the shade. I used the wheel grab method that I first used on my 29. I will be looking at unigeezers videos and trying other methods.

I put more air in the tire today and it helped. I put it up to 35psi. The upper limit is 32psi listed on the Coker Button Tire. I am a big guy at 220 lbs and the tire felt a little squishy. My daughter, at a lot less them half my weight had no problem with it in the 20’s. After I stop crashing it, and feel I can ride several miles without a UPD, I will put the Pi bar on it. I have it on my 29 and when things get a little left leaning, I lift off the seat and give the bar a good yank. That aligns everything for a while. It is usually a problem I have when there is some road camber.

I was kind of comical and it surprised me. I felt like my 8 year old when he first got on his uni. I managed to ride it farther today. The dead end street is uphill and by the time I reached the end I was breathing pretty hard. After that it levels out. My hard breathing actually subsided. It seems so much easier to ride on the road then my Nimbus Drak with that the big nobby tire. And it is much faster. My son road with me on his bike and I had to tell him to move out of the way several times. He is used to stopping and waiting.

Thanks UniTographer for the encouraging words. Tomorrow when the temps drop back to the 70’s I will post photos and try miles of riding.

How’s it coming with your new 36er, jigywigy?

I got mine on Monday! At first I thought it was impossible to mount, but after getting comfortable on it for a few minutes with some assisted mounts, it started to feel as easy as getting up on my 26". That was a relief, and I’m looking forward to my first ride outside my driveway (hopefully tomorrow).

My small but growing fleet of unicycles. I shouldn’t need to buy another one for a long time. Got my 20" learner, my 26" muni, and now my 36" cruiser.

I’m still waiting for the yellow-orange pedals I ordered and I’ll probably have to change to a better brake; but otherwise, it’s great right out of the box.

Nice color choice. Pedals should make it pop!

Don’t have the Giraffe in there yet:D

Don’t start me thinking about that…having a hard enough time explaining unicycle-related expenses to my wife.

That’s another thread waiting to happen. :wink:

LOL. You haven’t tried 29er muni or trials yet…

True, but I have a feeling you’ll get your 36er way before I get a 29er.

Right…“and then I bought a giraffe.”

Only because I can’t resist for much longer. I think I really do need to reorganise my garage to make space before I get another uni though - currently 14 bikes, a bike trailer and 2 unis in there and I can only cope because my trials and muni live in the boot of my car. It’s not the number of wheels which is the problem though, it’s all the other junk I need to clear out.