... and then I bought a 36er

Actually, I haven’t yet, but I will have done at some point. As soon as I find the spare cash under a mattress or something, and finish the KH vs. Oracle debate going on in my head. Hopefully this year; I’m hooked now that I spent time on Davey’s last weekend.

But it does seem that the trend of people now learning in the “Learning Journal” thread is to pick up 36ers, after having learned on their 20s or 24s. I wonder if other people also perceive this to be on the uptick?

That is to say: is the rate at which people are picking up 36ers increasing?

– UniT

Glad that i could convert another person over :slight_smile: i think that if peter H had the cash he would also be on the hunt for a 36.

i think that as more people have started to ride them more people talk about them and they are coming more avaliable so more people get them and so the cycle continues as such…

In my case the thread from Nurse Ben about using the 36er for XC and Muni, some videos i saw from others XCing with the big wheels and the availability of the Todd-Tire (there’s a thread about this new 36er Mountain Bike tire somewhere) finally made me buy all the parts needed.
And shortly after that several 36ers showed up in the “suche/tausche/verkaufe”-thread, so a little patience would have saved me about half the money.



29rs were the rage on the BMX board for awhile,I bought 2 SE Racing Big Rippers.Different years and specs,but I got them the week they cameout.an '09 and '10.I love the big wheels.

I hope I can get comfortable on my CX24" and move up to a 36" someday.If I get into it I’ll move to an LX26,then decide if I want to go 29" or 36".No MUNI but if I can learn to ride this thing I’d like to do pallets and one of those see-saw things.

Those big wheels are rad.When we got our 29rs there were lots of oohs and ahhs cuz no one had seen a full BMX 29".

I got a KH36 waiting for me at home in Los Angeles. But I am currently in Norway. Having ridden a Coker for a hundred miles or so a few weeks back, I am now totally addicted.

On FedEx!

I received a 36 for my birthday from my family in April, but I didn’t really get it because it wasn’t actually ordered - they didn’t know what to order. Then, before ordering it, I thought it was better to pay for my kids camps first - sailing camp, girl scout camp, boy scout camp, theater camp, and circus camp - so I put it off again. Fortunately, I found some extra money laying around and put in the order before that vanished.

Today I checked delivery tracking:

“On FedEx vehicle for delivery”

I expect my Coker to be waiting for me when I get home from work!
I am a bit nervous. Can I handle it? I feel like a teenager going on a first date! I don’t think the transition from my 29 UDC Drak, with that heavy wheel, will be to bad.

Of course, this is all tempered with the reality that my daughter has a math test tomorrow so I will be studying with her into the night. I probably won’t be able to touch it.


Not sure what size cranks you ordered. But if you have 150’s or 160’s they help with the first few rides. 125’s are great and fast but they can be a bit of a pain to mount the first couple of times until you get used to the big wheel and how much more effort it takes above the 29 :slight_smile:

Good luck and you would love it.


Thanks Davey, I order both the 125’s and 150’s with the plan of going with the 150’s to start. For the first time we will actually have an extra set of cranks and more unicycles in than family members. 16, 20, 24, 29, 36 with 4 family members. One non-rider, but we cut her some slack as she takes care of us when we crash. :slight_smile:

I will probably have to go with the 125’s when I put the coker pi-bar on, currently on my 29, as I have short legs. It is that or cut the frame. Spending money on a t-bar isn’t an option as my daughter has out grown her 20 inch Torker CX and needs a new 20 inch for her parade group.

As I was writing this my wife emailed me and said my 36 has been delivered!

This is what the delievery guy said to my wife:

“the guy who delivered it thinks you are having a mid-life crisis…
I told him better than a sports car…”

For real. The most expensive unicycle I have is my custom made, SilvaCycles KH 36" with Schlumpf hub, Nimbus handlebar system and custom powdercoating. Still hella cheaper than nearly any other midlife crisis “toy” you could think of, and healthier too! :slight_smile:

pics please

Ran home during lunch to try to put it together.

That wheel looks huge! It is very impressive. But then I looked at how much further I would have to drop and it doesn’t look so bad. I think I can avoid injury if I resist the need to speed. :wink:

The 7 inch increase over the 29 is only an extra 3.5 inches in off the ground height. But that 7 inches makes it looks huge with regards to area of the circle.

I will post photos.

Jigywigy :smiley:

A new addition to the family YCNHTMU :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah!

And I lost it.

I finished putting the 36 together and pulled my car down to the end of the driveway so I could try it. After two attempts I was able to ride it to the end of the street. What a smooth ride! I did that three times but dismounted at the end each time because I was too hesitant to attempt a turn.

I convinced my 11 year old daughter to try it. She has the same inseam as I do so there is no adjustment to make. She was a bit worried as it is quite a bit higher than her 24. I walked, quickly, with her to the end of the street while holding her hand for support. After the U-turn she tried it without support and rode back to the car. She loved it.

She wanted to try it again. So I let her. I walked with her 20 feet. She let go and rode to the end of the street and turned the corner. I ran up just in time to see her turn the next corner. About 20 minutes later she reappeared with a huge grin. Needless to say she loves it. I think I lost my 36. She said she rode down every street in our quiet neighborhood without falling once.

I agreed to let her use it for the 10k at the nationals. I will be riding the 29. I am glad she isn’t riding the marathon, which is what I want to use it for.

Looking forward to a picture, Jigywigy. Congrats on riding it so quickly.

So I’m going to jump in here too and share in the joy of acquiring a 36er.

I ordered a Coker Big One about a week ago in this trim:

I chose the Big One over the Titan in large part because Coker offers several colors for a good price. But then I got an e-mail from Coker telling me it could take 8-12 weeks to get my unicycle because they farm out the painting and apparently don’t keep painted unicycles in stock. Sadly I ended up calling Coker and cancelling my order.

So then I ordered a Titan from UDC.

I found a local guy who will powder coat the uni for $50 and ordered a pound of “Daffodil Yellow” powder coat for $20. This is the color:

I also ordered some pedals to match (cheapo pedals, but the best color match I found).

Hopefully by the end of next week I’ll have it all put together and post up a picture!



Love the colors! That is one thing I want to do sometime down the road. Enjoy it. I rode mine for 15 minutes and love it.

Would love to get mine powdercoated. You’ve got some excellent taste in color as well…

Yeah…congrats on the 36er. They are VERY fun. I got mine like three months back, and now I seriously start to go through withdrawals if I don’t ride the thing for a couple days. I like using it as a cross-trainer when I’m not on the 2-wheeler, and I find doing 20 to 30-mile distances is best, just to keep things from turning epic and starting to hurt.
Everywhere you ride, you collect “WTF?s,” and "that’s awesome!"s, and you’ll be amazed how many motorists and bicyclists can instantly whip out that phone camera and start filming you…heh. I hope 36ers never become popular…:smiley:

Ok, today was my first time on my new 36, my midlife crisis machine, and it was kind of dissapointing.

I went to the place I learned at, the cemetery with really smooth roads and plenty of street signs so I don’t have to free mount.

I first grabbed a street sign to hoist myself up. The first few times were totally unsuccessful and kind of comical. The wheel kept swiveling under me.

I finally got rolling and it felt great. I could immediately tell how much faster it was.

The problem is I lean to the left. I manged to put in only a quarter mile without falling off and it was always because it started to lean to the left. These roads are as flat as can be. It isn’t road camber. I put about 30 PSI, maybe a tad less, in the tire since it is a smooth surface.

I guess it is just going to take some more practice. So much for riding miles and miles right away. Love it though. It moves so much easier than my Nimbus Drak. It doesn’t help that it is 90 degrees for the first time this summer - less motivation to try over and over again.

Does anyone have a problem getting the seat clamp tight enough? I have a Drak and that seat doesn’t move no matter how often I fall. The Coker seat moves just by banging it on the side with my hand.