And she did it on a b*ke!

A friend at work told me about this - don’t stop the video until she gets on one wheel! - she does uni things on a bike that the bike frame makes harder, like sitting on the front wheel, facing forward, then wheelie up to uni-ing on the back wheel, then facing backward from behind the bars.

It looks like a German(?) uni-convention, anybody know?

It’s called “artistic bicycling”, and it’s a large sport in Germany. Well, probably at least as large as unicycling is in the US.

Looks really good, but it is easier to see what you are talking about if you link to the video itself
not some blog


it may be called fresstyle bike too… there`s a freestyle competition in the x-games…

i’ve actually done that stuff, up until about 17 seconds in

that is pretty freaky stuff. there was another thread the sme as this a few weeks back.

whoah, I got an aircraft carrier page? where’s the video?