and off truck drop... in gmail account

those of you who have the password to andrew carter’s gmail account should check it out

i put a video on there… of a truck drop

if not PM him to ask him what the password is…

i cant make galleries so this sounds like a good idea

yeah that was pretty cool, video didn’t work too well for me, was just like watching stills, probably just my slow comp. I get the picture though, very cool.

Nice drop. Do you work there?

Now in the gallery…

Go to for the video.

Nice work Alex, how’s the uni holding up? I’m particularly interseted in the pedals.


as i bent my profiles at that demo. i set them up so that they angle upwards so theres more chance they can break.

i landed it and now the are straight again… the pedals are pretty screwed. esp for how much the apparently were.

any better ideas on how to break profile cranks to get a new pair?

8’ isnt doin it… maybe higher?

Try it from the top of the truck

I think profile replaces bent cranks too. Well now yours are straight again…so bend them and film it.