And now for something completely different

Yeah… This was COOL!
Really loved it… I had never seen someone do standup wheelwalking down stairs… Nicely done, and that’s from someone who’s usually hard to please when it comes to vids!
Great job buddy!:slight_smile:

That was GREAT!!!

Some good tricks there and the first time I’ve ever seen anyone do a glide down anywhere neer that big of a set and first I’ve seen anyone stand down any set:D:D

A bit too light on the riding, but overal definately one of the best freestyle vids I’ve seen. And one of the best themed vids I’ve seen over all.

Bravo))))))))))) Applause))))))))

seriously? lol. you guys obviously cant tell stop-motion when you see it

Thanks for saying it for me.

Edit: cool video, liked the art type feel it had.

really nicely put together video :slight_smile: the stand up glide down the set was amazing :stuck_out_tongue: (good idea with the stop motion though :slight_smile: