And I used to think it was a little tedious taking off a uni saddle...

Well, today I found out the easy way to remove a unicycle seat.

I was just out riding around, not really doing anything serious, hopping trials on some big logs in our backyard. I noticed one that I thought I might be able to rolling hop up onto, barely. So after about a million or two tries, and some near misses, I made it! I didn’t want it to be a ‘fluke’, so I made it a few more times. It was starting to feel easier, so I figured I would do it once more and quit.

I rode up fast, jumped, but my tire bounced off and the uni went flying. For some reason I couldn’t hold on to it very well, something felt weird.

I later found out the log was 31" high, and my seat post was a goner…

lol dude i wish i could hop that high!
i would sacrifice the seatpost(s)

Hey, the 31" made it worth the seatpost. Congratulations and condolences.

where’d ya get the yellow lift handle & rear bumoer??? :thinking:

It came stock on my QU-AX trials.

Thanks. Yeah I guess it was worth it… as long as it doesn’t cost me very much to fix. :astonished:

i have had that happen to me as well, its no fun.

bummer… it takes a while to ship out here too… crazy awesome hop though!