(Anchorage) 36" Uni

In Alaska, I have a 36" unicycle. It’s in Anchorage ready to ship in a built shipping box, but I have nowhere to park it here in New Orleans, so i’m selling it.
Got it in Australia from UDC circa 2005… Axis maybe? Don’t recall the manufacturer, but it is neither Coker nor Nimbus, has the smooth ridged tires.

No brakes or anything like that and everything is pretty basic. In good condition. I will throw in an unused spare tube.

Asking $400. Can ship. Can even take a credit card, as it’s at my mom’s house, and they own a business.

Uni is still available. If you can show me a better deal in the area, i’ll beat it.

Do you know what it would cost to send it (back) to Australia?

Don’t suppose you have a photo?

pictures would be nice

The CL entry has a picture of it in the box with the side open. I have a picture of me riding it around here, i’m looking for it now and trying to figure how to post it.

Is the uni still available?

The pic from CL

This is the image from the Craigslist posting.