An update...

…for those of you who are closely following my unicycle progress which would be none of you most likely.

My riding is getting better all the time. I still have way too many UPD’s but they are getting less. I haven’t taken a ride in the last couple of weeks in which I didn’t free mount. Every time I think I have it figured out and make 3 or 4 successful free mounts in a row, then I go through a stretch where it takes me a dozen times to get on the stupid thing. But I will get it licked one of these days.

My son bought a 26". When he first got it, I tried to ride it off blocks but could never get going on it. Yesterday and today, I tried to free mount and both days I made it on the third try. When I upgrade, I was going to go with a 24 but since I’ve been able to free mount his, I might go with a 26. I will probably wait until next spring for that though unless I find a good deal somewhere.

Way to go! There’s always a transition period when you’re mastering something new (whether uni-related or not). One second, everything’s simple and elementary, the next it feels impossible and frustrating. Eventually, you figure out the little nuances that determine success vs failure, and you learn to master them (95% of the time, or somewhere in that range, depending on the skill!).

Anyway, you’re doing great, and keep up the practice when the weather cooperates!

I enjoy your progress updates; keep them coming!

Eh, I have those stretches too (see the unicycle dyslexia thread), although less and less frequently. Endeavor to persevere!


Sounds like you have free-mounting down.

I have been concentraiting on the freemount and this weekend I managed 3 freemounts in a row on two or three occations (unfortunatley many failures in between :()

I am learning on a 24" Muni - I know you started on a 20" and sometimes think that may have been a better idea for me!

Keep up with the good work and the updates!