An update on my riding. Month 1.

Well it’s been about a month since I started riding… here’s a brief timeline of the events in my unicycle career so far…

  1. A good friend of mine gave me a 16" Headstrom with solid tire, after finding the board and riding around for 4 days on this, I realized things need to change.
  2. I bought a 24" Savage from a local bike shop, by the end of the day I could ride a 1/4 mile or so without dismounting.
  3. I placed my SM bmx pedals on my Savage and things got better.
  4. Began doing some minor MUni down ditches.
  5. Began to hop, started being able to do it up and down once or twice, into hopping into circles.
  6. Searched desperately for a Miyata, in the spare time I made a custom seat handle and custom gel seat. Eventually I would find one from Tommy at Unicycle Factory (he will talk your ear off)
  7. My riding skills developed greatly, I could ride miles without dismounting, mounting was easy, hopping in place came easily.
  8. Almost purchased a used Profile MUni, after watching some videos and reading more I’ve become more interested in Trials.
  9. Zanetti and I ultimately decided a need a 20" Semcycle with a Monty which I will be purchasing soon.
  10. Started doing more trials oriented stuff, hopping up curbs and what not.
  11. Hopefully the Miyata seat will be coming in soon.

Unicycling has made my life a little more interesting. I drive around with my unicycle always in my bike seat, I love the attention and plan on riding it to class everyday at college. I’ve picked up a few girls at the strip on the beach with my Uni. I’ve done some stupid stuff on it like ridden it drunk, and some other small things I won’t mention. It’s changed my life. It’s not a sport, but a lifestyle!

You weren’t seriously injured or arrested.
You did nothing stupid.


Keep up the good work…you’ve made remarkable progress and had fun at the same time.

Which beach?

Ft Myers Beach in Florida. Hopefully my trials uni will be built before march and i’ll become great at it… then its to Daytona Beach for Spring break to pick up hunnies on the Uni.

Re: An update on my riding. Month 1.

Just curios, why a semcycle? Not that I have anything against them generally, but they don’t
seem to me to be ideal from trials. For one thing, the sem seat has no place to grab at all.

I popular, not to expensive trials uni is the united trials with suzie hub. And if your willing to spend a little more you can get it with a profile wheelset. The other bonus is that it comes with a miyata seat.


I already have a Miyata seat and I like th Semcycle because of the flat crown. I’m getting this…
Frame: Semcycle XLW 20"
Axle/Hub: Profile heat-treated steel with 48-spline, 3/4-inch diameter
Rim: Monty Trials 1-3/4 x 15-1/2, alloy double-walled, 36-hole
Spokes: Union 14g stainless steel
Tire: Monty Trials 20 x 2.5-inch knobby
Cranks: Profile 145-mm splined hollow chromoly steel
Pedals: Odyssey Twisted PC
Saddle: Miyata w/300-mm seat post, carbon fiber seat frame, air conversion with a Salsa flip lock seat clamp.
Bearings: Main-cap style

Oh, I see what you meant. I assumed you where getting the sem deluxe trials uni.

The one you are getting is much better than the united. I didn’t realise that the sem XLW frame came in 20".


They kind of hide that option from you with the drop down menu.