An unsuccessful day.

Very tired and feeling a bit lazy. Decided to go out on the 20 and practise some skills.

My last few hours on a uni have been on a lightweight 700c with 102s, a heavyweight 26 inch Muni on Dartmoor, and one quick burst on the Coker with 150s.

So imagine my surprise when I could hardly ride the 20 with its 125s! My, what a funny little thing! I UPD’d twice in the first minute.

I soon remembered how to idle and ride backwards, and idle one footed with my foot on the crown. After a while I was able to idle with one foot unsupported in the air. A sidemount took three attempts and was a bit clumsy. Riding seat out in front put too much strain on my damaged wrist (tendonitis). A couple of attempts at riding one footed went horribly wrong and I squashed my plums twice. :astonished: Then I found I just didn’t care enough to ride it any more.

Considering that my first uni was a 20 with 5 inch cranks (125s) and I used to ride miles on it, off road, and I learned all my basic skill on a 20, I was surprised that it now feels so unsatisfactory after I’ve got used to the bigger wheel.

Obviously, everyone has their own preferences, but I can’t see myself bothering with the 20 again, except when I’m out in my Morris kit.

Re: An unsuccessful day.

Is that cos its the only one that fits in the boot? Or does the Morris not like the larger wheeled varities?

“Errr, whats up doc?”


Heh heh:D

I’ve been riding my 20 every Tuesday night at our uni club practice. I love to work on freestyle with it. But the transistion from the 20 to a 24 MUni or the coker is weird.

Tonight I went 10 miles with my wife and daughter (they were riding their bikes) and it was an enjoyable ride. But at the start of my ride, I was wobbly and working out the technique for the big wheel. I haven’t been on it for about 2 weeks and it showed. After 15 or 20 revolutions it all settled in again and I was feeling fine.

Mike, don’t give up on the 20! If you’ve been away from it for a good while, it will feel pretty foreign, but it will come back to you. On the plus side… Somehow I can’t think of your posts on a 20 will be as interesting as your coker write ups.


Re: An unsuccessful day.

Yeah the exact same thing happened to me! After building my new Coker and riding it nonstop for 2 or 3 weeks and putting many miles on it, I hadn’t touched my trials uni at all. I tried it not too long ago and could barely ride it, let alone do any skinnies. But after a couple minutes of practicing it all came back to me and I was soon riding the skinny side of a 2x4.