An unexpected "STOP".

When I woke up today, it was a gorgeous day, and I knew I’d be hitting the streets. After some family time, I geared up, and grabbed the Coker for some fun (I just put new cranks on yesterday), and off I went. My travels brought me to my favorite local bike shop (North Rider), and some discussion with the owner, we started talkin about puttin a brake on my uni. Well, next thing I know, we’ve got a lever on the handle, and a U brake mounted in place. Nice. At no charge. Very nice.

I’ve thought about brakes a few times, but was never sure about it. Now that I have that bit of drag to slow the wheel down for those times I end up at too high of a speed. It’ll be a better ride, especially in the trails, and I am very excited for my next Coker-Muni ride.

Ride on!

Oh very nice, Congrats on getting the brakes and lever for your ride. Also that was a very nice read too also. :smiley: :smiley:

go ride quickly down the (right side from the top) skihill at a high rate of speed, to really see how the brake will help

I’m thinking about the pipeline and hydroline where we did some filming…that’s pretty hard even on a muni. :astonished:

Do you have an airfoil or the steel rim? If you don’t have an airfoil then the brakes work fine on the steel rim? How much abuse can the steel rim take? Could it handle offroad down say, a ski hill like was mentioned?

Man… I ride it hard in the trails, over the rocks, up the curbs and small stairs, off jumps and drops. It takes abuse quite well it seems. I know it’s not steel… I think it’s aluminum (the rim that is).

Is it black? If its black then its the strong airfoil rim and not the stock steel one.

It’s black…but you what… i think I’m gonna paint it white. it’ll kinda look like a white wall tire. Plus, I’m gonna paint my frame red.

That will look interesting. Kind of themed like the band the White Stripes.

Yeah…I want to funk it up a little… not that a Coker needs much help standing out.

Well if you want to funk it up a bit. DO what i did to mine.

  • 110s cranks
  • Fog horn :smiley:
  • T7 Handlebar
  • Glowing Reflector light (very good when riding at night.)

I actually went the other way with cranks… 170’s. The trails here involve lots of climbing, and I sure appreciate the longer crank. I like the idea about the flashing light…I’m gonna get one for my camel back too!:slight_smile:

What sort of riding do you do with your 36?

Mostly street unless you mean apart from that?? :thinking: