An odd thing happened on the way to Jiffy Lube

I went to Jiffy Lube yesterday for an oil change. In the parking lot there is a
pickup with 3 unicycles in the back. A 20" old Schwinn, a 6’ Schwinn giraffe and
a 24". Now I live in a pretty small town and I thought I knew everybody in town
that has or could ride a uni. So I find this guy and turns out he works at Jiffy
Lube. He is 22 and ridden since he was 15. Does a pretty good job too, even on
the giraffe which he demonstrates for
me. We talk a bit about unicycling and he says want to try the giraffe? Well, I
was really dying to but didn’t want to show it. So I gave it a try, trouble
was there was no poll or anything for me to hold on to. He also didn’t have
any idea how to help me get started on this thing. He just jumps on from the
back of his pickup and rides off. I tried twice and ended up with a couple
of minor scrapes and a bruised ego.

His unicycles were in poor condition with the seats all torn up and pedals in
really bad shape. I gave him by name and phone number and told him to give me a
call sometime and we can do some ridding. (I really would like to borrow that 6
footer for a week or so and learn how to ride it.) I would also like to give him
Tom Millers phone number so he can get his unis back in shape.

Don’t know why I wrote this except it is something that doesn’t happen
every day.

Andy Arhelger