An odd ball Uni!

What the hell is THAT? Looks like death to me :astonished:

I can see it now, one false move and you’ve earned your place on the wall of shame at the local ER with two tiny wheels sticking out your Bum

A friend of mine had one of these when we were growing up. His had a 20" wheel. It was easy to ride but didn’t really do anything special. You would steer by leaning like you were standing on a skateboard. Probably a waste of space if you ask me. We just called it a skate-bike.

atrocious machine

I’ve got on exactly like that except it’s white. I got it for $5:p It’s pretty cool, but unicycling is cooler:)

Can you lean back and ride it like a uni? Is it fixed-gear?

Looks like fun to try with a huge gear and long cranks.

It’s not a fixed gear so it’s really hard to do wheelies on it. But it’s cool because it’s like a bike but without handle bars, or it’s like a uni with more wheels, freewheel and brakes. I rode mine to school once, but I broke my seatpost while trying to jump:p

This thing shows up in a thread here at pretty regular intervals. I wonder if I could set my clock by it…

Seems like a novelty, but there are a few companies that make them.

You should buy that one then trops! I think it’s listed for $30 which means you could get it for about $20

Um, that looks like a tricycle to me.

I think you’re right in saying that this shows up in intervals…

Like I said in that thread too, we have one because my dad thought it would help his balance in unicycling, and even though it feels really different to ride, it’s still pretty fun.

I remember seeing commercials for a “LeRun” back in the late 80s for something that looked just like that.

Here’s the LeRun commercial. Looks like the same thing.

I hate those commercials. Makes me happy I wasnt really of concious mind in the 80’s

Yes, the picture in the first post is of a LeRun. Yes, it’s not a unicycle because it has three wheels. Itty bitty wheels still count as wheels. :slight_smile: The LeRun had a freewheel (and coaster brake, I believe, or that one’s missing its caliper brake). Earlier versions of that type of cycle, like the Motobecane Rodeocycle (1983 or so) had a fixed gear and could be wheelied all over the place.

These are generically called “skate bikes” and there are dozens of different makes. Qu-Ax even have a version called a balance bike" - this is a bit of a bad description of it as you require to ride them “off balance” not “on balance” like a unicycle. If you don’t lean forward on to the front wheels you can not control them.


it’s not as bad as the Max Challenger…

As bad as the balence bike may be, that first advert is sheer genius!

Wow, these look totally rad!

I got the same one as 0:31, with the red wheel on the back! Except I changed the wheel for a 14", so it’s slightly faster:)

A friend ( non unicyclist) has had one of those skate bikes for years, but the two small front tyres have perished. Any idea where he might get suitable replacements in the UK? He tried a couple of skateboards wheels, but they did not seem to do the job at all well.