An object in motion will stay in motion ...

Went out today for a 29er ride today and decided to do a little muni in Auburn (day one ride for Cal muni weekend) only made it a couple hundred yards into the trail when I tried riding a log down a hill and when I jumped off the uni I had a hard time slowing as I was running it out right up to the point were the tree jumped in front of me. Now I think I might have broke my sternum along with the shattered lens on my cell phone, I can hardly breath and it hurts to do just about anything that might make me use my upper body muscles.
Watch out for trees, they dont move.

Ouch, bummer to have that happen when you’ve worked so hard to get back in shape. Take care.


Perhaps there was also a concussion? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway I hope you’re feeling much better by now! Where was this evil tree/log?

I was riding the 29er on the log in this pic and jumped off and as I was trying to run it out I apparently wasn’t slowing down. It is crazy everything that runs through your head as crap happens, I remember (mistake #1) thinking head for the tree and use it to slow yourself down, as I hit the tree and my arms collapsed into my chest then felt my chest cave in I thought, maybe I was going faster than I thought, right about then I hear a loud crack as my helmet and side of my face smack the tree and at that point I bounced back to the other side of the trail where I lay in pain and thinking I knocked the breath out of myself, but realized I was breathing shallow and it hurt. I tried to both walk and ride back to the car and once I relaxed in the car I knew I wasn’t walking this one off. Went to the Dr. on Monday, two broken ribs where they meet the chest bone. Dr says broken ribs are like broken toes, not much you can do but take it easy for 6 weeks.
Tuesday I was going to Stockton and got the hiccups while driving, I thought I was going to die as I swerved for the shoulder and my chest is having the most painful uncontrollable convulsions, kinda reminded me of the scene in Alien when the creature comes out the guy chest.

From experience I’d say that’s about right (though I only broke one on the side. Try not to laugh!

whoa, crazy robert! get healed up fast.

I had a pretty good crash on the coker 2 weeks ago and scratched up my side and arms a bit. i had just nipped the brake a little too hard on a gravel part and wasn’t paying enough attention and rolled down onto the ground.



Wow, sounds like a brutal fall. Hope you heal up soon. I’m starting to wear my helmet and pads on every ride now, even short ones on regular bikes, because that 1 out of 100 fall always happens when you least expect it.
I used to be in the camp that says “I rarely fall, this helmet and pads are uncomfortable”, but not anymore. Sounds like your helmet might have at least kept your head intact, as evidenced by your ability to still write so well!

I could picture the hiccups and the “alien scene”. That first Alien was such a great movie…but what was up when Sig.Weaver? had to shave her head in the 2nd or 3rd one?

So all week I have been taking it easy trying to relax, fast forward to this morning. Got up everything normal until I had to sneeze then that was all he wrote. I felt a big POP in my chest an unbelievable amount of pain and next thing I know I am passed out. As I somewhat awake I see paramedics loading me up in the ambulance and of to the emergency room, now finally back home and just starting to feel good enough to eat, stand, not get sick etc. apparently my injuries might be worse than I thought.
Looks like the adventure continues. Hopefully I never have to go through that one again or put my family through it.
Have to go to my regular Dr tomorrow to find out what happened.


Sounds scary. Hope you get better soon.

Damn that IS scary. If you HAD to absorb such an impact, maybe this isn’t the worse scenario. Trying to look on the bright side.
Take care and keep us posted.

Objects in motion stay in motion, unless acted on by an… unbalanced force.


Seriously though, I hope you’re okay. Injuries are never fun to read about. Most of us are victims of numerous minor injuries, but rarely anything serious like this. Best of luck to you.

OUCH! Below is a picture of the evil log. As usual, it looks like it’s on flat ground but no, we’re looking downhill. Was one of those trees down there the culprit? None of them are very close! Or it’s probably one that’s off to the right.

I hope this doesn’t keep you down for long, but obviously you’ll have to take it easy for a little while. Next time, pinch your nose. :astonished:

I think they said it was a lice problem. About a third of the way into the movie they weren’t worried about lice anymore… But yeah, that movie was pretty dark.


Yes, it was the tree to the right.
Went back to my Dr. on Monday to find out the E.R. results and he said the muscle / cartilage connection of the ribs to the chest bone on my left side is torn so when I sneezed my ribs did the equivalent of a joint dislocating which explains the popping I felt which according to the Dr. caused me to have a something called the Vagal effect… Google it that is what I had to do.

By the way that picture does not do justice, it is definitely down hill.

Well it’s been 5 weeks since the tree checked me and the last few days I can finally breath without pain, so I decided to sneak the uni out of the garage (cause the wife wont let me do a damn thing til she thinks I am better) and take a spin around the neighborhood, bumps etc still hurt so I guess I will be taking it easy for a while longer. :angry:

Be really careful, as I felt good, thought I was fixed. I have been riding without a problem. It is a cold that got me again. Coughed and there went the ribs again.

Sorry to hear about your incident. Take it easy so you don’t do more damage. I hope you feel better soon, your injuries sound brutal.