An introduction of myself.

So I thought I’d spend some time introducing myself because I’m spending more and more time on this site, learning and enjoying! I’ve been riding for nearly 10 years and started at a local circus workshop. At first sight I knew I had to master it and here I am.

Started with a learner 20" my parents got me for christmas but that quickly became inadequate for the muddy tracks around where I live (which of course had to be ridden). Then came the Koxx One 24" muni.

Check out where I had a glove on! :slight_smile:

Unicycling blew my mind. I started to learn about the different styles and I started being more and more adventurous on my indestructible 24". It just held up to anything and is still going strong with no replacements to this day!

Next I decided to go for a 36" and plan some longer rides. So that’s exactly what happened. This thing was a completely new beast and took a good while to get used to. However when I did it was incredible. Riding on the 24" turns heads down the street… but the 36" seems to just melt peoples brains as you glide past. I love it! (This picture was taken recently when I updated her with a Zero, T-bar and some zero q factor cranks)

The 36" was great. I loved challenging myself with long rides and really covering some distance at a reasonable speed. What I was missing though was the technical side of unicycling. My 24" and 36" had taught me two very different styles of riding and now I was craving a trials. So recently the 2015 KH range came out and I jumped in the deep end.

NOW THIS… This is epic. I had always thought that getting from A to B was my forte but after a few hours on the trials, I’m completely in love. The technical aspect of riding the 20" is so much different to anything before and is SO enjoyable. I’m lucky enough to have a near unlimited supply of pallets, truck tyres, planks, ladders and other things so I bet you can guess what I’ve been doing. Hopefully there will be a lot of improvement and I’m going to be practising as much as I can. Here is a short montage I made after my first day riding the new 20".

I look forward to interacting with this awesome community. Have a great day!

I don’t know if that video link will work for everyone… But I do know that this one will… Hopefully.

Hello! Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I don’t have a facebook account, so am unable to view your video…

Hi and thanks!

Now that one might work? Third time lucky!

That video link worked fine. Someone did tell me how to get the actual video to show, but I can’t remember…I’m sure someone will pop along soon to explain it :roll_eyes:

Nice skills anyway. I like that you put the 2 fails in, before nailing it :slight_smile:

Yeah I’m sure someone technical will help us.

Yeah that last one was tricky for me. The second part of the obstacle was actually a thin plank before the ramp at the end so it took a few goes before getting it at the end :slight_smile:

How are you liking the KH20 Trials? I’ve been looking into getting one myself in the near future…although I did just take the plunge on a brand new KH36. Totally understand what you mean about melting brains. :slight_smile:



The trials is awesome. Build quality is incredible and gives the confidence to do things you may not have done before knowing that your wheelset isn’t going to crumble to pieces. I’m really enjoying learning flatland, street and trials tricks and it’s is the perfect tool to do so. I can already tell that learning the more technical style is also benefiting my muni and even road so yeah… couldn’t be happier that I got a trials unicycle :slight_smile:

36ers are awesome and definitely the most obscure type. To an untrained eye a trials could look like a muni… but a 36" road unicycle is just insane with brakes, handlebar, lights and everything. Not to mention that you’re about twice the height of any cyclist around! It’s also great when people go “so how far have you come on that thing?” and I reply with “oh I’ve come from … (20 miles or so away) and just heading back now” and they just look confused.

Group Shot

It’s nice weather so I painted the tyre on my 36" and went riding. Got some photos too :slight_smile: The muni is being rebuilt at the moment :stuck_out_tongue:

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