An interesting Coker pedal?

I just saw this pedal while browsing around. It’s the Grip King by MKS and Rivendell. Looks like it might be a neat pedal for Coker riding. Or it could be unsuited for Coker riding. Hard to tell without actually testing it out. $50 for a pair.


looks interesting, If I were in the market for a new pedal I would test it… but I’m not… anyone here ever ridden with them?

who here uses clips?

Yes, it would be hard to assess any pedal without first trying it.

But if I had to take a guess, I’d say it would really suck for Coker riding. Big platforms are good for stability but I think it’s too big in the wrong dimension. ie it’s too long in the same axis as the wheel. It should be longer (wider) out from the crank. I think unless you have very big feet, it will overlap your arch too much. You want to have the ball of your foot over the axle for road riding for good control. Also, don’t get anything too grippy. If you are pedalling fast and your foot accidently shifts out of place, it’s hard to shift your foot back into position.

I think it might be better for trials because the bigger platform may result in less hyper-dorsiflexion injuries when landing drops.

I’ve been learning to use them for about a month or so.

I agree with Ken on the lack of ball support. If you like to ride with the balls of your feet over the pedal axle, like most cyclists do, it would seem your feet might get fatigued with the support being under your toes and arch. Again, best to try them out before getting too opinionated, but I’m not going to spend the $50 to experiment, even though they look pretty cool.

This is an unusual thing to discuss on a family forum.

An interesting pedal! I think I might buy one.
But man, what will the guys of need to do now?

I think the difference you talk about isn’t that much of a difference:

But I gladly like to see shot from the side!

Further I’d like to know what kind of spindles are in there. might be a better alternative.

Those look similar in shape to the very rare Tioga Spyder pedals shown below. I thought about springing for some, but after alot of thought they looked not wide enough for road cycling (personal unsubstantiated opinion), regardless of their grip.


A downside to that pedal design might be the ability to easily adjust your foot position while riding. For Coker riding I like the DX style pedal shape (Sun Ringle Zuzu, Shimano MX30, etc). The DX shape allows you to tilt your foot to the outside to readjust your foot position all without losing contact with the pedal. That style of foot readjustment would not be possible with the Grip King pedal. But maybe the shape will allow some new style of foot readjustment.

It does qualify as one of the most odd pedal platform shapes I have seen.