An ideal response to "WoW?"

I got this idea from a book I was reading* - nothing to do with unicycles, but written by someone with my sense of humour.

Picture the scene: you are enjoying a quiet ride and someone interrupts your reverie to ask, “Where’s your other wheel?” or “Do you know someone’s nicked half your bike, mister?”

And suddenly you become very still; your eyes widen and become glassy; your lips pull back from gritted teeth; then your teeth part very slightly in a disconcerting grin. As you turn your head very slightly to one side, without breaking eye contact, you say,

“Aaaieeeee! Another victim for you, Lord Satan!”

(*I believe that in later editions of Mansfield Park, this speech was edited out; Mrs. Norris survived; and Edmund became a Rector.)

I’ve decided just now that I’m going to respond to any and every insult or overplayed remark with “Your face”.

“Where’s your other wheel?”
“Your face.”

It’s untouchable.

i dont get it but… maestro8 is gonna yell at you! :astonished:

How do so many people come up with the same question of “Where’s your other wheel?” I think I’ve only had one person ever ask me that.

When I’m riding around at the park, most people just smile or say something like, “Hey, you’re pretty good at that.”

Where do you live? Steptford?