An FTP Site Idea!

After reading the Favorite Videos of all time thread I am thinking:

  1. I have a nice collection of Unicycling videos.

  2. There are tons of unicycling videos that I don’t have.

  3. I think sharing is cool!

If someone has an FTP site I would be happy to upload all of my videos. This way maybe we can make a library and share videos.


I don’t bother with as I can’t seem to watch anything off there at all.

try uni-tube pete would be happy

same as me

witch os ar you running??

You are welcome at for sure! I can send you all access dates by email.
@ JohnnyReggae and fexnix: can you report what exactly happens? I could maybe imagine that there is a slow connection to Capetown but from Sweden I never got reported problems. We had serious problems with our database but those are fixed since around 4 weeks. So please test it again and report to me what happens exactly when you try to watch a video.

Maybe try the Unicon videos we have up to now, you find them here is perfect for me. I have only one problem with the FLV player. It doesn’t works well here.

Maybe the graphic interface isn’t that beautiful and friendly but Olaf is always improving the website.

I think that an FTP would be waste of time… You can use and if someone request a video, you can just upload it on

EDIT: Olaf was faster!!! won’t work in firefox, it tells me to DL WMP but i already have the latest updates to it.

is this on xp??

I got some trouble some times with FireFox3 and the wmv files but flash runs fine, with IE 6 all runs fine and with FF 2.x it was also fine from here.
Maybe uninstall and install the plugin again.

You can also download from utv, when you upload a file you get 2 links, one to watch it and one to download it. There are also some other simple ways to find the download link :slight_smile:
There is no limit in upload size and High Quality is welcome. You can upload via the java upload frontend or vie normal ftp client or vie ftp by Browser.

The grafical interface is always a thing to discuss about a lot :smiley: Step 3 of utv is not that far away and it will bring a lot of improvements and also a redesign again.

However, it is dedicated to the riders and so we would like to figure out the problems to fix them. With several thousand viewers from over 50 country’s each month it seems to work for most people but we also know that there is something to improve and the flash player for example could be better. If someone has time and knowledge about that, feel free to contact us to improve the media plugin implementation.

I know a lot about flash but I’m not working with internet media anymore… I know that we have some good flash progammers in the forums, and probably they can help…

Olaf I can translate the website to portugese too. If it’s possible some guys around here would appreciate! In our next mail we can talk about that… would be really cool :smiley:

When trying to view a video you get up to 3 options for each. Selecting any of them gives me nothing. WMV, just tells me “No Video”… Mov just doesn’t work for me due to the restrictions they have put on the Packeteer bandwidth management tool. Flash video just spends an absolute age buffering. Sometimes I can view them, most times not.

I also don’t see any download links, which I would prefer to use as I can use a download manager then to get things and sit back and not worry about it.

I’m using Windows XP and Firefox 3.01…

I tried upload videos to but id didn’t work. Unless its not supposed to?

Why dont we just use you tube as it works for every1 and raise the profile of the sport but having said that i have visited the site and am very impressed and have joined but do feel it is important to raise profile of sport and youtube is a great way of doing that

Why dont we just use you tube as it works for every1 and raise the profile of the sport


  1. Is harder to find unicycle videos.

  2. People from different countries uses different video streaming web sites (vimeo, youtube, dailymotion…)

  3. Many riders do not speak english and they can’t search videos in forums, and is available in many languages.

  4. It would be easier to organize “back it up” type games and this stuff

  5. Having our own video streaming website is much cooler :smiley:

You can search and watch all unicycle videos around the net in UTV. In Youtube you’ll spend hours trying to find a video…

What about

Only thing; I prefer having seperate clips per skill, not compilation movies.
That way users can easy find exactly the thing they are looking for.
But I can edit stuff (so I prefere raw material -if not extremely big-).
But I barely have time to do so (still have 40 hours of unicon tapes to do).

If you experience any trouble with the interface, or for files larger than 8 MB you can e-mail me (my address is extremely guessable, and often when you mistake it still works!), I gladly provide you FTP access.

FTP Site


The has some great videos and I used to watch them over and over again when I started learning to ride and do higher level stuff. However I think that it is important that we can easily download lots of stuff. This is important because I frequently hold “UniNights” where friends come over and we fool around on the unicycles for a bit and then I put in a DVD of Uni movies on the large screen and everyone has free access to my well stocked beer fridge!

I am sure that lots of other people burn these movies so that they can put them into the DVD in order to watch and rewatch in order to analize the movement of good riders. This is very important for riders in an area where none of the greats ride.